Friday, May 06, 2016

What A Strange Trip

From the title of the this post you have come here expecting to read about a possible day trip the hounds and I took yesterday ... since we didn't blog. I wish that were the case but it's not.

My mind took off on it's own trip yesterday ... a very strange one, I was just along for the ride. It happens sometimes out of nowhere. There might be some readers here that understand what I'm saying. 

It was a wasted day actually and one that I will not say anymore about. I did catch this sunset though while sitting at my kitchen table last night.

This is the view I have when I am at the kitchen table either eating or on my laptop computer. This was taken just after snapping the sunshine setting in the window, a little after 8pm. I knew then that Friday would be a better day.

Although Sadie, Stella and I were having a snack of sliced baked turkey at 1:30am, we ended up having a great night of sleep and waking up about an hour earlier this morning than we usually do. Of course that meant the field would be wetter with morning dew and the lighting would be different for the daily morning photos.

It was just a couple of minutes past 7am but Sadie didn't hesitate in going out into the wet field, while Stella did her normal thought process on whether to or not. She decided to take the path of least resistance and walk into the field along the edge where grass/weeds were shorter.

They didn't stay out long and as the norm, they went back to sleep for an hour or so while I drank coffee and did my daily morning reading on the internet.

By 8:30am, I could tell the day was going to be a great one. I need to get up on the roof today to clear some of my gutter before the next storms on Tuesday. The tornado site I follow on Twitter tells me next Tuesday could be interesting in this part of the state.

I could tell by the way the hounds moved, they were not ready to start their day. They didn't beg to take the first walk of the day. They didn't play, didn't explore. Right after the last photo, they led me back to go inside, I didn't say a word. They have been sleeping every since.

Not sure what today will bring but I know I feel a lot better today. My coffee is gone and I want more. Heidi is still sleeping on the bed where the sunshine comes through the window on the east side of the house.

Speaking of Heidi ... as usual her skin looks great first thing in the morning. Her appetite is big enough to eat a bear. The ointment is applied multiple times per day. Late last night I started reading about different recipes for cooking her meals and getting away from kibble.

Some said it would take up to 3 months before I might see any improvement. Since she had a strong yeast odor last night I saw a website that talked about a specific diet for that ... it also used and had links to the Dinovite supplement we tried in 2014.

What makes me hesitate to break away from my latest plan that was started weeks ago ... it says it would take 16 weeks for the dog food to get out of her system and for the current Earthborn no grain kibble to show improvement. It would take maybe that long to see any improvement from the Wounded Warrior Ointment. Others said it would take 7-14 days.

Since I do see signs of improvement AT TIMES, I'll stick with that plan.

A reader linked this article to her comment the other day ... it was great explaining what we have been going through. It was nice to read that what I have been feeling in trying to find a solution for Heidi over the past 20 months is normal in this situation. It was also sad to read there might never be a solution.

In more than a few websites I read last night about yeast infections in dogs ... they said her skin getting worse before it got better was part of the process of getting rid of the infection. So I will stay with the no grain kibble, no potatoes, wounded warrior ointment and see how it plays out.

It's going to be a nice day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Even though it is a bit darker than normal, your third pic (of the field) is beautiful and has so many different colors.

    I don’t know if it’s a mind thing with me, but I’ve had wasted days too, and in my case, there is not much I could say about them! lol ;)

    1. Those photos of the field were after enhancing them, trying to get them lighter. I didn't notice all the different greens until you mentioned it. I am assuming I am looking at the same photo. It wasn't just a wasted day, it was a strange weird day mentally.

  2. I just finished reading it, and I really like what Dr. Kidd said in his article about understanding canine allergies. Seems like you could keep Heidi on her normal routine, but start adding some meat, even raw to the mix. I don’t know if he mentioned it or not, but if it were me, I would only use organic meats and fish.

    Anyway, below is the part from the article, I am referring to.

    Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are a group of chemicals found in some foods, and some of them can be converted into beneficial prostaglandins. At the top of the beneficial list are the Omega-3 EFAs found in flax oil and deep sea fish such as salmon, haddock, and cod, and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), found in evening primrose, borage, and black currant seed oil. A combination of the Omega-3s and GLA seems to have the most potent effect.

    A natural anti-inflammatory or cortisone-like herb such as licorice root (Glyceriza glabra) may enhance the adrenal gland and also take some of the itch away.

    Many of the holistic vets I know have found that an addition of some raw meat to the diet often alleviates the symptoms. Interestingly, in what may seem to be a paradoxical finding, I’ve had several animals who tested as allergic to a specific meat eliminate their allergies when we’ve added that particular meat (raw) to the diet. Note that these have all been animals that were treated beforehand to enhance their gut immunity, with the above inflammatory bowel protocol.

    1. One of the articles I read last night said not to feed raw fish to dogs due to their digestive system. My first basset Harry loved living in the Pacific Northwest because as he wandered and I couldn't find him ... he never hesitated in eating any raw salmon left overs and to let me know where he had been .. he would also roll in it for me.

      I am going to buy some organic grass fed beef, chickens, liver and add that to her Earthborn Holistic Kibble. I started putting some shaved licorice root on her food today. It's interesting that his research showed they could be allergic to certain meat until it was fed to them raw.

      I thought the article was really interesting.

  3. AnonymousMay 06, 2016

    Have you ever tried feeding Heidi yogurt? Our dog loves it.

    1. I have tried that many times, by the spoonful. The problem is most yogurt I eat has a high percentage of sugar. Sugar feeds yeast infections, thus the reason I am no longer giving her kibble that has white or sweet potatoes. She does like all the yogurt I have tried, except the plain yogurt with less sugar.

  4. I agree with Anonymous. Patches gets to lick every Greek God container and will sit up and beg when just shown the container - she can read! HA

    I also give her the salmon skin every time that I have some which is about 3 or 4 times a month now that I am eating a better diet.

    1. All of my hounds love to finish the container of Greek God yogurt. Like I just replied in the above comment, it has too much sugar for Heidi. Sugar feeds yeast infections and that is what 3 vets diagnosed her with. I diagnose her with that because some of the time I can smell yeast ... my friend says she smells it every time she sees Heidi.

      I've been giving all the hounds the skin of the salmon I bake. I have salmon 3 or 4 times per WEEK since I love salmon.

    2. I love it also but can not afford it as often as I like.