Monday, June 20, 2016

A Roll Of Hay Scares Stella

Sunday morning started hot and muggy as soon as I went out side until past midnight. I was pretty sure they would be back to bale this hay Sunday afternoon with possible rain on Monday.

With their field cut, Sadie and Stella had to investigate all of the new smells and any animals that were hiding under the hay. I found one on the walk yesterday afternoon that looked like a mole. It was squeaking as Sadie poked it with her nose.

It's easier for me to see them and now I can tell where they were going recently when I couldn't find them. They were getting pretty far away and out in the center of the immediate area.

Stella continued her morning exploration around the edge of the property, moving along the edge of the yard and trees.

On the border of the grass and river rock is a large mole track where they have pushed up dirt and about 4" of rock. It might be time to spread some grub worm killer today before it rains.

By the time they had finished lunch it was scorching hot and you could smell the hay even more as it dried out.

Heidi is still refusing to walk in the field but does get outside for her normal trips. I was looking back through photos of her in her file and her skin has stabilized this past year. Many months there is not that much difference in appearance with occasional flare ups.

While sitting at the kitchen table playing Mahjong and staying cool with the AC running at 100% I saw a small tractor with a rake on the back then another pulling a baler ... I was hoping they were coming to the field.

The confusion I had was they were coming from the opposite direction from where they live. They do not live near here. I am pretty sure it's the same farmers that baled it last year. My neighbor that lives a couple of houses north of me owns the field and lets one of his friends take the hay.

It was good to look out the window and see they were in the process of raking it and baling it at the same time. I'm not sure if their baler was out of adjustment, needed a tune up or what (I'm not a farmer) but it was not picking up all the hay as it moved through the field.

It looks like they have a new tractor this year but I couldn't get close enough quick enough to see the company label.

On the second lap, that baler backed up a little bit and dropped a large roll of hay close to the yard. After they were finished the hounds and I went out to inspect. Stella didn't know what it was.

Stella figured if she barked and howled at it, that it might go away but it didn't move.

She is still suspicious of it.

It was early in the afternoon, around 3:30pm and really hot ... but the hounds wanted their afternoon walk.

Here you can see the path we made this past year. That path to the left was made by Sadie as she would veer off as we walked back to the house.

This is where I think I saw the mole. I heard it and Sadie refused to move so I walked back to see what she had found. I am not sure why I didn't get photos of it.

Stella was on her own time ... you can see some of the hay they left behind. Not quite enough that would make a whole roll but if they would make another pass just to pick up the hay they left it would be an amount worth doing. It's more than I have ever seen left in the field.

With this front and rear loader they can move two rolls at one time. I noticed they had moved 7 rolls off to the opposite side of the field and had 10 more rolls to move. Last year they brought in a long trailer and hauled all 16 rolls out of the field. This almost makes me wonder if it is someone different this year getting the hay.

As we got back from our walk yesterday afternoon, both Sadie and Stella had to make one final pass around that roll of hay next to the yard and make sure nothing else was in the yard before they would come inside.

At 10:45pm last night it was still 82° and humid ... this morning at 6:30am it didn't feel much different.

It was a good weekend in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. I think the blue tractor is a McCormick. They traditionally were red but there is a new series out that is blue and looks like what have have a picture of.

  2. I place my bet on a T-5 New Holland tractor. It is 51 degrees here and partly cloudy. Yesterday was flannel and blanket reading books as it drizzled outside.
    Those hounds look happy to have their open field back.
    I never left that much hay on the ground, run a ways and get off and look, then make adjustments. Sometimes it is best to run high to keep dirt out, but that does not appear to be a problem in that field. Personally, I never liked round bales as so much hay gets wasted. I see king size squares are getting popular.

    1. I can't even imagine what 51° feels like right now. But I do like hot weather so I'm fine. I agree about the hounds liking the field being cut. They do a lot more exploring and running. It will be interesting to see if they cut and bale it again this fall like they did two years ago. I hope they do.

      Leaving that much hay laying around bothers me. Similar to why I can't mow just part of my yard or washing just one car ... everything has to be complete. In the past when they left these rolls of hay lined up along the edge of the field (different farmer) I noticed almost half of that roll would be ruined by the hard winter weather.

  3. Makes you wonder what Stella was thinking doesn’t it? One day she is running through a field that is taller than her in some places and a few days later a big round monster shows up. lol

    1. It was funny to watch and listen to. The photos didn't capture all of that.