Thursday, June 09, 2016

Hounds Take A Late Thursday Walk

Due to the temperature today we decided to take the early evening version of the "Daily Hound Walk". Maybe I should change the title of the blog to that.

Reason being, I haven't discussed my RV thoughts nor had the urge to buy one in so long I can't remember the last time. As far as the other part of the title "Other Stuff" I haven't had the urge to blog lately including my last post on Sunday.

As with all past summers, when great hot weather arrives I find myself doing more things outside for most of the day instead of being in front of a computer. Before I know it the the time is near 8pm and I don't have the urge to blog. A few weeks ago I was blogging early in the morning and even later that day but the early mornings now are me taking the Z4 out for a drive while the temps are cool and the air is cleaner. I love those morning drives.

We've been getting in our hound walks a couple of times per day but even some those walks were all 'natural' without bringing the camera. Overall though, I just haven't felt like blogging the past week or so. There is less computer time available with me doing other things. The things I do during the day is just not good blogging material ... it's just life in 'the tropics'.

Tonight it felt cooler than the temps being listed on WeatherBug and the hounds were happy with that. I was happy there wasn't any gnats to bother me and that the tall grass was dry.

The hounds did a lot of sniffing around but they were always too late for the rabbit or the bird taking off from ground level. Here Stella is in the exact spot the rabbit ran into but a few minutes too late. She can smell the rabbit but cannot see it.

I finally got her to start in our direction and we all moved on.

Once again they are a couple of minutes late to see the bird taking off right in front of me, close enough I almost stepped on it. They were excited but didn't see anything so they headed home.

I know it's getting hot when Stella stays on or near the path I am walking, plus her pace is slow ... all she is thinking about is getting back inside the house where she will lay down and fall asleep literally within minutes.

About the time the last bloodhound walked through the door tonight, Heidi decided it was time for her to go outside ... although she turned down my offer to go outside as we were starting the walk. Her times outside have mostly been long enough to pee and poop ... but there were a couple of days this week where she went to the door to be let outside and then laid in the sunshine without the bloodhounds nearby.

She is doing well. It's been 10 days since her last Epsom Salt soak and as a test I have not applied any of the water/vinegar mix since then. I started seeing new hair growing, plus first thing in the mornings her skin was looking great so I thought I'd go with just the food and nothing else. She is back off the grain free food and is eating kibble with chicken and rice ... showing no signs of skin allergies due to the dog food change.

I know it may be hard to understand for those that read blogs but don't blog themselves, and there's nothing wrong with that, but for example it has taken me 1 hour and 3 minutes to get this far. That start time was from the time I slide the camera card into the computer to download the photos. Lately, even an hour is more time than I want to spend in front of a computer when it's still nice outside. So I guess time will tell if the urge to blog more will come back.

I could blog on a weekly basis or even on those days where I am "rained in" but I do know when the sun is out and the temps are high ... it's just hard for me to sit in front of a computer very long. I like being outside doing something.

The weather has been great this week in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Nice to see an update from you, and I can see those hounds are almost disappearing in the tall grass.

    I am not a blogger, but I totally understand how time consuming it must be and especially difficult when you can be outside doing other things. If it were me, I would just blog when the urge hits. ;)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and that sounds like a good plan to follow ... occasional updates and/or on bad weather days.

  2. It's friggin' amazing how long it takes to write a single blog entry!! And in my case, even after I publish an entry I keep thinking of edits I could have done to make it better. . .

    1. You can't do much better than those recent deer photos ... they are almost like pets.

  3. Glad you are taking you time with the Z4. No comment on the time it takes to post :)

    1. My best friend who owns a Z3 Coupe asked me the other day what the difference was between the Z3 and Z4 ... the list was long enough just to send him the link of the article. Both are fun cars to drive. Ten years or so ago I was into owning Miata's ...