Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Hay Field Is Cut

When I was standing on my step taking the daily morning photo of the field across the highway, I had no idea what had happened in back of the house sometime early this morning. With the windows open all night the hounds and I must have been in a deep slumber because none of us heard anything nor did we wake up until 8:00am ... much later than normal.

Due to some Blogger formatting issue this morning I cannot put the daily photos up on the left corner of this post, after trying different ways of getting the job done. So we started with this, the daily field photo.

Right after taking this photo I go straight to the corner of the back of the house and take a photo of the northeast but rarely post that photo. Today I am posting it because of the surprise we had first thing in the morning. You'll notice the field has been cut and it must have happened first thing this morning. 

We normally hear the tractor doing the cutting but not this year. In past years when I heard the tractor go by I've had to sprint outside and take the tethered rope I had connected to an anchor in the field so it would not be cut up. They would normally cut around that anchor until I pulled the rope. This year it was obvious the tethered rope was not there.

So it went from tall hay to cut hay in the early morning hours. They will be back this afternoon after the sun dries it out to bale it into the large rolls of hay. I'm interested in seeing if they get more bales this year ... they should.

Last Night

I couldn't take the walk first thing in the morning until I had at least one cup of coffee, with two being better. A couple of hours later, we fired up the camera, put on my shoes and even got Heidi outside to show her the news.

Even with the field cut she was not going on the walk no matter what. I carried her to the field and as soon as her feet touch the ground, she sprinted back to the driveway ... not going, no way.

So the I picked a nice cut path to walk with Sadie and Stella acting like two kids at Christmas morning ... thrilled "their field" was cut for them. I was happy that I was able to see everywhere they were going ... it made the walk much easier.

Stella was almost beside her self with excitement, running all over the place.

She sprinted to her favorite part of the field with Sadie not far behind. Stella took the right corner and Sadie taking the left corner. I didn't stay to look at what they were eating nor did I want to think about what they were eating.

Stella decided that whatever Sadie had found was better than what she had. There was either enough for both or Sadie was willing to share her part. That is a little different because most of the time Sadie doesn't like sharing "her" water bowl and will lay next to it in a guarding position.

I had the feeling that Stella liked the field being cut because it was easier for her to run and they both ran a lot at different parts of the field.

Here comes Sadie on a high speed, ears flying sprint ... Her 8th birthday is tomorrow.

On they way back home, they were all over the place finding new stuff hidden below the cut hay.


It definitely made the morning walk much easier and much drier. We will head out later tonight after they bale the field into large rolls. With my very sore right achilles tendon today (comes and goes) I'll be around the house and will take photos of the baling process and the equipment they are using.

The smell of fresh cut hay in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana is great today.


  1. Always liked the smell of fresh cut hay. Now you can get great zoom pooch pics. Another Sunny day here. 62 degrees at 09:30, after 51 degrees at 05:00 Hrs.

    1. I am still having problems with the 200mm setting. Sometimes it will focus other times it will not. Everything from 55mm - 135mm focuses pretty consistently. Your temps at 9:30 sound pretty nice.

  2. I can tell that S&S are pumped up big time over the grass situation. Heidi is like meh…no big deal…lol Maybe she’ll let you use some of her Epsom salts for a tendon soak. With as early as the sun comes up these days, those farmers could have been out there around 6ish this morning.

    1. That's about right about the hounds. That tractor would have gone by my open bedroom window around 50' to 60' away. It has woke me up before but not today. I hadn't thought of that Epsom Salts for my ankle area ... I'll try that tonight. I imagine they will wait until noon or after on Sunday before they come back and rake it then bale it so it will be good and dry and not have any of the early morning dew wrapped in their rolls of hay.

  3. Steve, I have some bicycle questions for you. If you had a mountain bike and it got used for pavement riding as well as off road for extended periods, would you keep an extra set of wheels with road tires on them, change tires only when needed, or just leave as is? I guess what I’m getting at is ---- are mountain bike tires a pain on pavement (extra drag?). Riding would be mostly recreational or for running errands, and not really wanting to have two bikes. Any thoughts/opinions on handlebars (bar ends, trekking, etc) and seats?

    1. I'd leave and have left my mtn bike with the same wheels and tires it came with. The majority of riding that bike does is on pavement. Of course it will be a different ride, a different feel than road tires but it's not that bad with the mtn bike tires. For running errands, and just to cruise around town I'd take the mtn bike. I may be the wrong person to ask about different seats, bars stuff like that. I left my mtn bike just like it came, same seat, same bars etc ... most would prefer a different seat most likely.

  4. Thanks for the reply. Good to know that the ride on mountain bike tires isn't too bad as that was my main concern.

    1. I found mine to be a comfortable ride and I ride it into town two miles away and then around town. Of course it puts you in a different riding position than a road bike does with the mtn bike handlebars the correct width. Let me know what you end up buying. Maybe you need to start blogging ... LOL.