Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Early Evening Walks Are The Norm Now

With temperatures getting hot with a lot of humidity this time of year, if we don't get our morning walk in then we have to wait until after 7:30pm before it will be cool enough for the hounds. Tonight with the MLB All-Star game I wanted to get the walk in before that started, plus post the blog post. So we took off around 7:30pm while Heidi stayed inside to make sure the AC kept working okay.

Sadie is always excited to walk, she will demand them with her stare and it doesn't matter how hot it is outside to her. Needless to say she was happy we were walking tonight.

Even after the morning rain, the field was pretty dry. Stella found that same spot of the past week where she lets us get ahead before she will run to catch up. That run would catch up with her later as the hound walk progressed.

Something different recently, they have switched as they near the back of the field with the directions they head. Stella will always end up on the right corner but recently she veers left.

Sadie has already found something that she is sprinting to.

It never fails, if one see the other might have something better, then they are off to see what the other has found.

Perfect weather for growing corn so it's getting tall fast. You cannot see the turkey farm now from our normal spot to take photos. I'll use the AT&T tower to show future corn growth.

Sadie leaves Stella behind and sprints to me to catch up. She rarely lags behind for long on these walks.

Stella is on her way with a few stops in between.

They both walk the rest of the way. It is not as hot as it has been with a heat index of 85° when we left the house.

By the time they got near the yard both of them were ready to get back inside where the air was cold.

I have a fresh batch of ice tea made for the game tonight ... so I am off to watch that. This all-star baseball game is something I have watched every year since I was a kid but 8 years ago I knew whenever I watched it again I would not be able to forget that it was the night that Berta (bloodhound) passed toward the end of the game.

She had just been told she was in great shape for an 8 yr old bloodhound four days prior at her annual vet visit. She had never been sick, no injuries but she had something going on internally I didn't know about and the vet did not catch with his annual inspection. It was a little over a month later that I brought Sadie home as a 12 week old replacement.

Winston and Bertha were very close. He whined for days, looked for her, howled at times and had a mini hunger strike ... Sadie pulled him out of his mourning. At that time I only had two hounds.

Anyway, all is good in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. This time of year, down here in Central Texas, the temperature just won't ease up until the wee hours of the morning (What with the high humidity we might, just might, make it down to the high 70's around dawn.)so most the outside work is done in the morning. (Outside means outside, the un-airconditioned barn is fair game all day, in fact I'm standing at my computer, which is out in the barn, right now and the thermometer beside me is hovering at 95. . .)Most all the heavy lifting out in the sun is wrapped up around noon around here now days. (I used to be able to go all day but that was when I was younger, you know, a couple years ago. . .) Of course it helps that I'm naturally a morning person anyway, getting up with the sun most days. My wife on the other hand. . .

    Speaking of wife and grieving animals, my wife has been running what amounts to a no-kill cat shelter since the early 90's when she started taking in the cats of our (many) friends as they died of AIDS. When one of the cats dies we leave the body out near the feeding area for a few hours until the other cats have had a chance to visit, to take a look - smell - lick. We have no data to prove it, but we have the impression that it makes the transition smoother for the others.

    1. Im not a morning person and lately have been sleeping a couple of hours later than normal ... the hounds have to wait for their breakfast. So at times I miss the cooler parts of the day. Like today I had to mow the yard in the middle of the day before the afternoon rain that was predicted. So that had me mowing for an hour with a heat index of 104°. Even the hounds didn't want to stay outside and monitor my job.

      I've always let the hounds smell the one that just passed before I buried them but this past winter was the first one that I had cremated. I remember Winston laying right by Bertha as I dug her grave. Then it was just he and I until the following month when Sadie showed up.

  2. Forgot all about the All Star game this year and only remembered it when heard the score the next morning.

  3. The girls just crack me up - those faces! Glad you can all find a cool part of the day to be out and about. We've finally found cooler temps in Montana and are hoping they last for a while :-)