Sunday, July 03, 2016

Stella's Deer Chase In July

After giving an overcast day a chance to dry out the wet field after a night and morning of steady rain, I thought me might be able to fit a walk in before the next storms were scheduled to arrive around 6pm. After starting the walk it looked like the ground would be dry enough ... but my 55mm-200mm lens wasn't working smoothly when I tried to focus.

Right after this photo the hounds took off into a sprint, chasing something at ground level. I was too busy turning off the camera, taking off the lens and putting it back on, to see what they were chasing. Hoping that would get the lens to work properly.

I zoomed in for this next photo since they were way ahead of me.

As I approached the corner of the field I didn't see a bloodhound anywhere but at the same time I didn't see anything running on the horizon or along the edge of the field.

They were both pretty intense on what they were finding on ground. At times small birds would take off from ground level, where the hounds had flushed them out.

While the hounds explored their favorite spots, I saw this red leave shining bright from a distance away. Everything is green except this.

All of us headed along the path towards the turning point near the high power line tower. Stella trotted over to "the no fly zone" and when I turned around to see where she was ... I saw her in this stance ... I knew she had locked into to some deer over near the next wooded area where we never walk.

About this time the camera lens decided it wasn't going to work. It didn't move either way as it tried to auto focus. By the time I did the shut down drill and reinstall the lens I was way behind all of the action that had taken place. I saw deer hopping sky high as Stella and Sadie took off after them.

I headed over the small grade to see where the hounds were. No deer but they were double checking all of the deer scents that had just passed through that area. They had always came back to me so instead of walking all the way over there I headed back to the path home.

When I got to this point of the walk, I turned to check the horizon and didn't see a bloodhound anywhere, I thought it might be a good idea to start walking their direction just in case they had headed into that woods. I thought Sadie would have shown up by now, but she wasn't around either.

As I glance a little left, I see a deer sprinting as hard as it can, way before this photo was taken. I didn't see any bloodhounds chasing it though. Once again the camera lens decided not to cooperate so by the time I caught the deer in the next photo, she had ran through three lots of green grass and through the small woods behind my neighbors house.

By this time the hounds are not even close to the woods and the deer is already out of the woods to the north of my house and is headed into the woods where we start our walks.

This is the corner of that small wooded area behind my neighbors house. Stella has the right scent path of the deer but she was too late and too far behind to see any deer.

Stella was proud of her chase though. After all that deer was running for her life and Stella had flushed her out into the open field.

They both decided they would track that deer all the way to the house, even if the deer had cut into the woods nowhere near the house.

As I write this I have lost internet connection. The first clap of loud thunder was at 5:07pm so Wunderground was pretty close on the time of the next round of storms. It's forecasted to rain all day for the next 6 out of 7 days. Tuesday is the only day I'll have no rain scheduled, where I can mow the yard.

It's a hard downpour here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana tonight.


  1. Wow I would say that Stella is having a great long weekend.

    Sorry about your camera. FYI Colin never ever takes his lens off unless he is locked in a dust free area like our sauna. Dust on you CCD is a disater.

    1. My only other option I had at the time was to turn the camera off, keep the lens on, throw it as far as I could while screaming "I'll never buy another *^#&@# Nikon" ... :)