Saturday, July 02, 2016

The Hounds Survived The Hot Temps

The 15° - 20° drop in temperatures these past few days have made 'the tropics' a great place to be. Beautiful weather where you can sit outside at night without bugs and the humidity.

The hounds have a few more days of these before we climb back into the 90's with a heat index over 100°in the early evenings. I like hot weather but I've really liked the temps in the 70's the past few days even better.

You may be wondering "where have we been" ... nowhere. Just like in the winters when they go into single digits, the hounds and I became wimps in the hot weather as we hung out as close to any air conditioned air we could find. Believe me, there wasn't much to blog about when the hounds become inactive.

This morning was a different story though ... for the first time in a long time they did a little wrestling as they headed out for their first of two daily walks. During those days of high temps we only walked early in the morning because the heat index was still over a 100° at 8pm, most nights.

I've been trying the camera at different settings in search of getting those clear sharp photos I remember seeing when I first bought the camera over a year ago. I've decided it might be my eyes because I cannot see any changes in the quality after I change settings.

For any photo or camera readers, I'm using a 18mm-55mm lens, single point focus and a quality setting of 'raw' for these photos today. It might be the lighting at 11am but I can't say I am thrilled with any of these photos.

There has been some major mole work since they cut the field. One spot in particular in the whole field. Luckily it's pretty far away from my backyard.

Stella continues to do her own thing on our walks. There have been a few times this past week where she had not moved from that favorite corner of hers by the time I returned to the house. Once she figured out I did not wait on her ... she sprinted from this area to the door to get back inside.

During the days where the temps were in the 90's there was none of that running at anytime. They both walked so slow you would have thought they were on their last steps. It was hot enough they had no problem following me and wanted to get back inside as soon as possible.

These past few days of cooler weather they have been back to their old routines. They seem to be pretty happy that the field was finally cut and baled.

I walked over here one day to see what all the interest was. There was nothing more than 3-4 small pebbles of deer poop. Sometimes it was nothing but bare ground, so it's hard to say what holds them in a spot for so long.

The corn in the back field seems to be growing by the hour. There has been just the right amount of rain in between all the sunshine we have been getting.

Stella started running this morning but I wonder if she has gotten out of shape this past week or two. She ended up walking to the path about half way to it.

Sadie and Stella head off to another one of their recent favorite spots.

Sadie can tell that Stella is headed outside of her boundary again. She has been spending a lot of time here on her first trip outside every day. I'd like for both of them to return to their habit of going into the field straight out from the house instead of in the direction of the small woods by the neighbors house.

As for Heidi, she has spent 99.9% of her time inside with her only activity moving from the couch to bed and her food/water bowls in between. She goes outside to only long enough to dump her tanks. The one time I carried her to the field in hopes that she would join the hound walk, she turned and sprinted for the house.

Her skin has stayed the same for months and at times I see it's better than last year in June when I compared photos. I did notice as the temps rose she itched more than normal and chewed a few new spots on her legs. After we had those temperature drops, her skin improved. Could heat really be an issue for skin allergies?

She did spend some time laying in the sun in the backyard the other day but I did not have the camera with me to record her historic event as I was putting away the lawn mower, weed eaters and cans of gasoline.

She seems to act her normal self and still has her huge appetite. At times I think she might still miss Winston and not having another hound that is at her eye level.

As I have mentioned in the past on this blog, there are times I feel there is not much sense in blogging when the photos are the same every day, the hounds even stop in the same places on their walk every day. I've been spending less time driving around since it was too hot to have the hounds in the FJ with the windows down. It's hard to blog when nothing is being done.

Stella had a few mysterious days recently where I was gone only 10 minutes each day and she went wild trying to dig and chew herself out of the house. Then the very next morning I leave for an hour and a half and she is the perfect hound, with no separation anxiety.

I am looking into using some scented oils that seem to work for hounds that are afraid of thunder, fireworks, gunshots and separation. I have also thought about buying the jacket that is used to calm a hound when they have a fear of thunder. Storms are not her problem though ... separation is her issue.

Her previous owner tried to kennel her while she was gone. Petsmart suggested their largest and strongest "Kong" crate ... Stella broke out of that her first day. I don't think crating her would solve her separation issue and I am not going to spend $500 on the "alcatraz" model to find out.

Without the long 'to do' list like I had last summer, it's been too laidback this year but the weather is beautiful in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana.


  1. I think the crate would stress here even more. The thunder coat works great for Carmeh.

    When was the last ti,e that you got your eyes checked?

    1. I agree with the thoughts on the crate. She even broke out of the crate the previous owner had after they put reinforcements on the gate. The original owner, who I have found on Facebook, will not tell me how or when this separation anxiety started. I did find out from here there is a full year I wasn't told about, where Stella was left with her brother after their move to the city. I have a feeling a lot of her issues are from that year away from the original owner.

      I guess the $50 for the thunder coat would be cheaper than woodwork repairs, etc.

      I just found out AGAIN, it's NOT my eyes but the Blogger system. Those same photos are sharp on Facebook, Apple Photo, my Wordpress Blog and the email notifying me that I have posted on the blog.

      I see where you deleted the CL ad for your Z3 and assumed that means you sold it????

  2. I know just how Stella feels. I used to be able to run everywhere too, now I'm down to a walk and just hoping to stave off the shuffle for as long as I can. . .

  3. The reduction in temps has been some welcome relief.

    1. Yes, those 70's were a nice change but we are headed back to higher temps this week. That's okay, it's been great weather this summer.