Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Slow Saturday

Getting to bed last night in the middle of the morning, after watching live college football that didn't start until 10pm local time ... had me sleeping late today.

We woke up to unexpected rain and temps in the 70's but I could see from Wunderground that the rain was not going to last and it would be hot and sunny by 2pm. So with the day starting off a little from the normal routine, it was a little weird today and very slow. I have nothing exciting to post about.

A little after 5pm with the same weather as yesterday, the bloodhounds and I started the daily walk while Heidi lay sleeping with the AC on and a fan blowing on her ... she likes having the fan in front of her.

I had a feeling that Stella was going to do the same thing as she did yesterday, hanging back and not walking with us. I was right, in fact she did not show up for most of our walk.

Sadie led the charge as usual. She might fall behind me a few times but not for long, then she will run to catch up. She really enjoys these walks. In some of the photos I can see a line of her rib cage, which tells me she has lost the weight I wanted her to lose over the summer.

We are just past the first turn ... no Stella in sight behind us.

Sadie runs to catch me, not wanting me to get too far ahead of her.

I thought this was a butterfly at first but after the photo I saw it was nothing more than a leaf that was stuck between the green leaves.

By this time I've made the final turn for home and no sight of Stella. This is the longest time that she stayed away while we were on the walk. Then ... I can barely make out a moving object ... Stella is walking up the path in the opposite direction, coming toward me.

Even as the two partners in crime are walking with me, I had a feeling they would not follow me to the house like they use to. Whatever they decided I was going to let them do as I would head down the driveway to get my mail for the day, and check to see if the front yard was dry enough to mow. I knew they would show up at the house eventually.

They did not move from this spot. I had time to walk to the house and then down the drive a 100' to the mailbox and as I turned to come up the driveway ... both of them were standing at the corner of the house waiting for me instead of coming down the driveway after me. Just like they should do when I am in the front yard.

It's NFL pre-season, week 3 tonight with the local Colts. Luckily that game starts in little over an hour so it should not be a late night tonight, unless I watch the end of the Cincinnati Reds in Phoenix baseball game ... that went extra innings last night and was still going on after 1:30am local time.

I've played around a little with blog templates today, no changes. I've read and tried to get iMessage to work again on my computer ... I found out it's an Apple problem and everyone has been having issues with it the past week or so.

I need to start a new book and have a few on my shelves that have never been read. Not in the mood for movies and the hounds are in a deep sleep after their daily walk. All is good for them.

Nothing exciting today here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. I personally like it when it's quiet and there's not much exciting going on. Time for a good book.

    1. That's a pretty good idea ... a good book.