Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Hounds Take An Afternoon Walk

A little after 4:30pm yesterday, the temps felt nice enough to take a walk. It was about 3-4 hours earlier than we had been going due to the heat index. Sadie gave me that look that she was ready to go and needing a walk.

If you remember back in June and how the field was full of tall grass, today it is so different with hardly any grass and almost all weeds of some sort.

That doesn't bother the hounds. It doesn't matter what kind of weather, what the surface is or how hot or cold it is ... it's the walk that they love doing.

I decided today that I would walk my normal pace focusing on photography and the hounds could go at their own pace. I didn't care how far back Stella would be today. It didn't take long to test that plan as she stopped soon after we started and didn't catch up to us until Sadie and I had made the first turn.

As soon as Stella caught us, she turned left and headed north. That was totally opposite from the direction Sadie and I were going ... the normal route.

Stella finds something else that holds her interest. This time she did not move until Sadie and I had already made the turn to head home.

We are on our way back and Stella is still in that one spot.

I thought this was a nice change in color. I am guessing the heat is the reason for that color change.

After standing for a short time looking around, Stella finally "sees" us and came towards Sadie and I. It was still hot by this time so when she started to run, she suddenly stopped and walked the rest of the way.

Sadie always has to make sure that the other two hounds are okay whenever they are away. She will do the same thing to Heidi after she comes back inside.

While Sadie was sniffing around and I was still walking ... Stella ran past me and was almost headed for the 'no fly zone' until I called her name.

At this time I thought they might walk all the way to the house with me but there are just too many smells between here and the house for them not to stop along the way.

You can barely see Stella off to the left side of the photo toward the power lines and Sadie is taking her time. I had time to walk down the drive to check my mailbox. By the time I got back to the top of the hill, both hounds were waiting for me and anxious to get back inside to the AC.

Today will be our last good weather day before the high probability of rain over the last few days of the week.

If it would stay mid 80's for the rest of the summer, that would be fantastic here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. I think it's cute that Sadie had put herself in charge of the hounds and their well being.

    1. She was a little worried about her leadership role the afternoon that Stella showed up. Stella didn't show any interest in taking that over ... she just wanted me to spoil her.