Monday, August 22, 2016

It Felt Like A Monday

Sometime last night after 3am, the air through the open windows became cold enough that I got up and pulled out my sleeping bag to throw over me.

By the time the hounds had their breakfast you could tell it was going to be another fantastic day, with weather that couldn't be any better.

I will enjoy this while it lasts but I still feel summer is not over yet and we will eventually be back to hot humid weather sometime soon. The hounds were not too active this morning even with great weather. They were outside long enough to dump their tanks and get back inside for their morning nap.

I decided to pull the weed eater out and see if I could finish the last of the driveway bank before the battery wore out. I did that plus more and still had battery power left. While I was in front Sadie and Stella will stay at the top of the drive while they watch me. Winston did a good job of teaching them to do that.

With lunch served to them and me, and not much going on ... we decided to take our afternoon walk at 1pm instead of waiting for later. Each time the sun hid behind those big puffy clouds, you could feel the cool breeze.

I was surprised to find out how wet the field was, even in the sunshine and it being after 1pm. The only sound during the walk were my shoes squishing with water.

Stella likes to get deep into the grass and flowers to eat the deer droppings. I wonder if there is any protein value in that? I don't know what it is but they love it. The dog book I've been reading says "eating" foreign things is no different to them than smelling foreign things so they can identify what it is or who has been there.

Stella wanted to wander off a couple of different times but she came toward us when I called her name.

Can anyone name this flower?

I love clouds like this. The sky was full of them, every direction I looked.

Stella did catch up to us but she walked most of the way after she turned onto the path.

Sadie is doing the running today. It's good to see her get some exercise in being 8 years old.

There's not a lot going on today for a Monday. For the first time that I can remember since being retired, it actually felt like a Monday. All of us were basically shut down for the day by 1:30pm.

The three hounds slept, I sat outside reading a book and enjoying the weather. The neighbor that has the empty house for sale, had his yard crew mowing the yard. I'm glad to see it is listed at a very high price and still empty after two years. No neighbors is a good thing.

We might head out for a drive later on but no photos are planned ... just something to do and at this time I am not really sure where we would go ... so it may not happen. The next thing to do during this good weather is to get on the roof and clean out my gutters or at least check them, before the next range of storms.

Football season is about to start ... that tells me fall is right around the corner here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. That makes sense that dogs would smell and eat to identify. Even babies do that for a while when they put everything they can get their little hands on into their mouths. It’s not as if the hounds are going to pick something up with their paws and inspect it with their eyes in order to identify (lol). How was Winston able to keep S&S at the proper distance on the driveway?

    1. Winston was a teacher by example ... no words were needed.