Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Last Day of Rain Until The Weekend

Yes, it's rain drops I hear hitting the tree leaves outside my window as my eyes open. It's the same thing I heard when I shut the lights off last night.

I'm not sure what changed, because my routine didn't, but I had one of the best nights of sleep I've had in many months. Even the hounds did not move from their sleeping spots that they started in.

An hour later the rain was still coming down steady. One of those rains where it's straight down, no wind, and a gentle consistent pour. It was hard enough that neither hound went to the field. They barely got into the yard to pee with Heidi being the smartest by staying dry under the roof overhang.

So not much was done today ... I read books, the hounds slept and the rain never stopped coming down until after 1:30pm today.

Luckily for me and the hounds, by this afternoon the rain moved out of the area and we are looking at Wednesday and Thursday as sunny days before it starts raining again for the weekend. That puts my lawn care in an interesting position, one that I have had all summer.

The question is do you go ahead and cut the lawn while it's short ... kind of a trim ... or wait and get caught with the next round of rain that will make the lawn too tall to mow by the time it is dry enough to mow. I've found it's easier to cut it while it's short even if it's not ready to be cut.

We made a trip to town to buy a new 40# bag of dog food at the local feed store. That 40# normally lasts all 3 hounds 17 days but we will be a little short this time. I didn't find out until I opened the back door of the FJ to let Sadie and Stella out at the house.

While driving those short 2 miles, Stella had tore the bag of kibble open and had eaten a good portion of dog food without me realizing what had happened.  LOL ... never a dull moment with Stella ... still a puppy at 7 years old.

By early evening the sky let us know that sunshine is on the way for the next few days. I'll mow on Thursday after the yard spends two days drying out.

Nothing but rainbows here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. I sneak into the groceries too. Don't ever leave me alone with a bag of - well - anything, because, even if I don't want to, I'll eat till it's gone!! - so I guess I'm still a puppy at heart.

    Wish we were done with the rain until the weekend down here. I've been having to grab internet time between storms for 5 days now and, to one degree or another, rain is forecast for the next 6. . . The way this year's been going it would probably be drier to live in Seattle.

    1. I usually have a large zip lock bag of food left over after I pour the 40 pounds into a dog food container with the locking lid. This time I did not have any left over, so by that, she ate a large amount of kibble. I have the same problem when I buy groceries. The first few days I am on a eating binge.

      The rain your area has gotten this year has been off the charts. I can't imagine getting that much rain. You might be right about Seattle, they say it's been hotter and dryer than normal this summer. I guess the weather will determine what level I set the mower blade for my next mow.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. A lot of fog late last night and this morning. They say that every day of fog in August means a day of heavy snow in the winter. We've had too many foggy days here in 'the tropics' this month. When I was looking through different templates last night, I could have swore that the photos looked much clearer in different templates.