Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Stella Caught Stealing ... Again

The excitement for Stella happened Monday night around 6pm. Today "my" fruit bowl has been under heavy protection.

The van coming up the driveway had signage on the side of it that said it dealt with 'tech' ... I decided to meet them outside at the door instead of waiting for them to knock.

To keep the hounds out of the way, without thinking, I shut the inside door ... just like I would when I would be mowing the yard and leaving them inside. What started being a conversation about high speed internet service turned quickly into which tv satellite I had. I knew he was about to start his fishing expedition when he asked me "has anyone stopped by your house to help you save money on your satellite bill?"

Ironically the previous night I had seen my $20 discount that Directv had been giving me the past 12 months had just used it's last month ... but I had no interest in changing to DishNetwork. I've been with Directv since they bought out PrimeStar in 1999. It's known to be a little more expensive than DishNetwork but rated the best if you have a sports addiction like I have confessed to.

I was curious so I thought I'd let him continue with his selling points. It only mattered what I had now for him to decide which path he would try to lead me down. His polo shirt had a nice sewn logo "NFL Sunday Ticket". What was funny about that is, Directv is the ONLY service that has that program and I already had Directv. He needed to sell me to  move to DishNetwork ... NFL Sunday Ticket be damned. LOL

He was just about finished answering some of my many questions when it dawned on me that I had left Stella inside to roam the house. I KNEW EXACTLY what had taken place and only looking in the door window confirmed my horror .... She had employed Sadie and Heidi to help her devourer my fruit and veggies before I came back inside. They were all eating something as fast as possible !!!

Long story short ... he gave me a great offer to switch to DishNetwork, locked in for two years but I wasn't moving. During the last half of his sales pitch my mind was on nothing except the possible damage inside the house. I barely heard a word he was saying.

All three hounds were guilty ... each had pieces of evidence hanging from their drooling jaws. Total damage was some Roma tomato stains on the carpet (6 each), 5 bananas with skin, 2 red delicious apples, 4 nectarines without the pits ... and looks from all of them that said "what do you mean? ... we did nothing".

Today was just as nice as yesterday. There was a little less sunshine but not much with the same cool temps. We took our walk mid-day and the hounds slept the afternoon away under shaded windows.

While sitting at the kitchen table playing Mahjong I did catch Stella on numerous occasions walking around the kitchen counters and island with her nose pointed high sniffing and searching for more fruit or tomatoes. Luckily she never stood and put her paws on the counters to show me how she reaches for the bowl of fruit but I had the idea.

In the meantime, late last night I called Directv and was transferred to their retention department to see what they could do for a long term customer. They give the brand new customers fantastic deals but they can't seem to go that far with someone having 17 years of service. I was still happy with my new discount ... which they locked in this year for two years instead of one year.

With college football only three days away it's no time to try new systems or installing new equipment. Anything like that will have to be next April after college basketball is over.

As you can see the hounds were having a great walk today. They took the same path as always, stopped at the same spots as always but seemed satisfied in their exploration.

I didn't get much done today but right after this post I have enough sunlight left where I can mow the backyard, that needs it, after being mowed just four days ago. I'll leave the front yard for this Friday.

I hope to see them mow and bale this field again in September, even October but I doubt that will happen.

The partners in crime will be outside while I mow the backyard ... I still have a few apples and pears I'd like to enjoy in the next few days. If I were to hide that bowl of fruit on top of the fridge, Stella would just find something else to get into ... she's a professional in that type of search.

Heidi did not go on the walk today but she was explored the yard while we were gone. She has acted like the 'old' Heidi these past few weeks, with an increase in energy.

It was a pretty easy day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana today.


  1. Glad Heidi is feeling more perky next to her criminal Stella. It's ok Stella, a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

    1. I don't think there is any amount of food, human or kibble, that would satisfy Stella's appetite. LOL

  2. Maybe if you treated it like a roommate situation?? Label all the edibles with names, or in your case, label everything. . . Course there's always that one roommate that can't ever seem to read. . .

    1. Ah, the old roommate ... nothing like going to get an unopened new package of colby cheese out of the fridge to not only see the package opened but a huge corner of the cheese bitten off, with teeth marks included.

      I like how you said "label everything" ... you know Stella very well as a distant reader.