Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Hounds Have Been Binging

Okay I'll admit it ... the hounds were not the one "binging" ... I'm the guilty one. Some time around 6:30pm last Tuesday I decided that I was going to "binge watch" 44-45 hours of a show called Breaking Bad. It was a show I did not watch nor have any interest in watching when it was on tv but I was hooked after seeing the 1st season on DVD a few years ago.

Before I get started justifying my insanity I will let you know that the hounds never missed a meal being served on time, they didn't lose any sleep and even had their daily walk ... every day.

Me ... not the same. I didn't eat, rarely slept, never shaved but did brush my teeth on a regular basis. If we were not on the hound walk, if I was not feeding them or catching a couple of hours of sleep ... I was watching the show. That is what "bingers" do ... no excuses.

At the time I was looking at 3 straight days of rain ... forecasted ... the temps were so hot and muggy that my AC kept turning on at 2am in the middle of the night. It was too hot to do anything outside, rain was on the way ... supposedly ... and I was tired of the internet. College football was still 3 weeks away so it was the perfect time to binge watch a show.

So I decided to binge. Alcohol was not involved. Two cups of coffee in the morning were, lots of water was consumed and iced tea.

First of all, the subject matter of Breaking Bad may not be acceptable by some or possibly most readers of the blog. The show did win many awards. The story line is great, acting is great, with a lot of drama, some humor and some high powered acts that could be questioned by some. I can see how it cost them 3 million dollars PER episode ... there were some amazing scenes.

I will not go into details of the show, but even though I had watched this show straight though in past years, I had forgotten a lot of the scenes so it was very enjoyable to watch again. I guess it was like reading a great book that you can't put down and then stay up all night to finish. By late Friday night, around 12:30am, we finished the show ... all 6 seasons.

As I opened the door in the middle of the night to let the hounds outside for their final bathroom break for the day ... the muggy warm weather hit me like opening an oven door. Miserable weather.

Earlier in the day we took off for our daily walk. All during the week the walks were not bad until about the half way point where the heat really picked up and you could feel just how hot it really was.

By the time Sadie and I had almost made the final turn to head back home, Stella had not been seen since the start of the walk where she stopped almost immediately and wouldn't come when I called her.

Sadie always ran to keep up with me, never falling to far behind.

As I glanced over to my left with my eyes searching for Stella I saw her running along the path that Sadie and I had taken. It's the same path every day. By the time she got to the corner of the field she was wore out from running ... she walked to me and Sadie taking her time ... it was really hot by then.

All of us walked back as fast as we could, without any photos. Getting back inside to the air conditioning was our only goal. The hounds stayed right on my heels the rest of the way home.

Those three days of forecasted rain? Never showed up. It did rain for a very short time yesterday but nothing like it was predicted.

It's hot and muggy here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Dang!! And I was feeling guilty for spending an entire afternoon and into the early evening the other day binge watching 'Mysteries At The Museum'!!!

    You did better with 'Breaking Bad' than I did. I managed the first couple seasons then couldn't take the anxiety anymore. I guess I'm more of a Hallmark Movies and Masterpiece Mystery kind of guy. (Uh-oh! Am I actually allowed to use the word 'guy' in the same sentence with Hallmark and Masterpiece??)

    1. It's kind of strange that as I get closer to my addiction of college football, I find myself thinking of another binge opportunity. A show I have not watched since it's last episode on tv, even with all 8 seasons of DVDs on my self. The best was Season 4. I found out later their writers left that show to start a new show called Homeland. So as the heat continues, the yard mowed for another week and the hounds fed ... I'm thinking of binging on a show called Dexter.

      I will admit that I do tune into the Hallmark channel at times but once football season starts, followed by college basketball ... my movie watching is on hold until next April.

  2. No matter what we do in life, our dogs always come first :))

    1. Yes, it seems to work out that way. They are all different and I have caught the changes in my life to accommodate them.

  3. Replies
    1. "A cool place in the Rockies" sounds like the pace to be. I can smell how clean the air is.

    2. You are right about smelling clean. It gets chilly at night with the window open.

  4. I feel your pain as sit here with the heat on. I had binge watched ' The Americans ' last week, it gets addictive when it is a good series. I have stayed up all night reading a good book many times also. Stay cool down there.

    1. I saw the other day that most the USA will experience a "warmer than normal" fall. I don't mind the heat that much but the humidity is a killer. I know that when the hound's energy is low, it's hot. I'll have to check out "The Americans" ... our local small town library has a huge selection in DVDs for documentaries, tv shows and movies.

      I use to read books by Robert Ludlum straight through ... that usually required an 'all nighter'.