Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Beautiful Saturday Morning

I stepped outside with my first cup of coffee this morning wearing cargo shorts and a sweatshirt only to see the old thermometer showing 46° ... but the sun was out.

Not a cloud in the sky and it actually felt like what I call "football weather". Looking at the print out tv schedule today, and yellow highlights of the games I want to watch ... not as many as past weekends but some good games that will fill the day and night. Basically that means I won't have to watch a lot of different games at once. Each good game will be on a different time without running into each other.

I had not finished my first cup of coffee yet when I glanced over from my computer desk to see Sadie sitting 'at attention' giving me the stare down to let me know it was time for a walk. Yet, from our first trip outside I knew the field was soaked and wetter than normal, with heavy dew and at 46° my wet feet would be freezing.

I grabbed my last cup of coffee .... THEN IT HIT ME ... A BRAIN FLASH!!!

I have had shoes in my closet for years, in brand new condition because they were made for hiking in the snow. They are The North Face Northortic Pro 2.0

They would keep my feet not only dry but warm. They are extremely light and I had only worn them outside during the winters when we walked in the snow or I shoveled the driveway. Why not give them a try?
So I changed from my old New Balance 'yard shoes' with a mesh outer shell, into these boots that came just above my ankle. I do have some brand new, never used, hiking boots on that closet shelf ... sitting up high to prevent Stella from inspecting them, but I thought these boots would fit the situation with the wet grass.

The hounds didn't mind the wet grass ... they were off in many different directions, almost in a hyper state of mind. Luckily with the dirt piles from moles being more wet than fine powder, neither were interested in having the dirt for a snack.

We had a couple of hawks flying above us but they are hard for me to catch with a picture ... this was the only picture worth posting.

It was a day where Sadie didn't want Stella to get away with something she might like and vise versa.

With all the scents deep into the brush along the fence line in back of the field, Stella recently has been going deep enough into that brush where at times you cannot see her. There is an old fence to keep her out of the field behind the field we walk but is low enough for her to jump if she saw deer.

A little different path on the way home. As we were in the section of field directly behind the house walking back to the house ... both hounds moved to the far left exploring the area we walked through to start the walk.

Even after arriving at home they still had to explore the field near their yard, the north border then the backyard instead of walking with me directly to the house.

In the meantime the North Face boots worked out perfect. They were very light in weight, very comfortable and kept my feet dry. I have no idea why I didn't think of them before today. They are now lined up with my other running shoes I wear for the afternoon walks and will be used every morning if the grass is wet.

My day of football starts in about 10 minutes but we will fit an afternoon walk in later today. The three hounds will assume their normal spots around the living room to sleep while I watch the games. Although Stella does not like it when I am yelling at the referees on tv and will wake up on occasion whining if she hears me ... LOL

A beautiful day here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana.


  1. Good job on remembering those boots. Do you wipe the hounds feet when they come in?

    1. Only if I see paw prints on the carport floor before they hit the steps to go inside. Yes, remembering those boots was a good thing. They are extremely comfortable and will let us take those morning walks a little earlier than we have been this past summer.

  2. Careful not to throw a shoulder out when rooting for a touch down. Actually had a family member do that a few years back.

    1. Good info. I am more 'vocal' than moving body parts ... except those trips to the kitchen during commercials. You never know when you might pull a muscle getting up off the couch, so we have to stay in 'football shape'.

  3. Those boots will come in handy. I have the same problem here with our climate...wet shoes. They take so long to dry out. I used to have a knock-off pair of duck boots I liked, but they eventually split (cheap I guess) and took on water. I'm pretty sure I don't have any waterproof boots lurking in the closet, so eventually, I'll have to go shopping.

    1. These boots may actually work out better than the rain boots that I had when living in Washington. I wore that pair out. I can't believe it took me this long to remember to use these boots until yesterday.