Thursday, October 06, 2016

A Hounds Lifestyle Is The Best

Wednesday was a full day outside doing some yard work and cutting the giant ragweed on the corner of the field.

I also cut some small stumps down to ground level in preparation of planting grass seed on the bank by the old fence post in the backyard.

Of coarse I had Sadie and Stella supervising and inspecting my work. By 5pm I have to admit I was tired from that activity, with no energy nor interest in blogging last night. With the MLB playoff game not starting until 8pm, the bloodhounds and I took of on our 3rd walk of the day, for the 2nd day in a row.

This morning we woke up to another beautiful day. It was early but I could hear a combine off in the distance and figured the corn field that is between the field we walk in and the turkey farm, was harvesting their corn.

As we were coming inside after our first trip of the day, I noticed someone was trying out my chair. It didn't move the whole time I was snapping pictures. I am not sure why they are not sharp and crisp ... maybe my hands shake a little in the morning.

Sadie is getting use to the 3 walks per day ... a new habit. By 9:30am she was begging to go outside where she will stand and stare at me to let me know she wants to take a walk. Stella is only demanding when it's time to eat but will follow us once the walk starts.

I know it's early but from what little changes in leaf color I see, I don't feel we will be seeing the really bright colors. I'll have to read and find out what makes them that bright colorful leaf, where other years they turn into dull colors.

With the field cut, Stella is getting her running in everyday and sometimes twice per day. She loves to run.

I knew when both of them took off running around the first corner, with no deer in sight, they were anxious to get to the spots were deer spend time. Lately you can barely pry them away from the spots they find.

Stella either hears me and ignores me telling her to "come on" or is just oblivious to the outside world once she has started eating her added protein meal.

I now have to walk over to her to give her nudge to get going. She's never happy when I make her leave those spots.

Sadie is not as intense but will follow the beaten down path that the deer have made through the tall grass. Just to the right of her is a deep gully full of wild overgrown weeds and flowers.

I was right about hearing a combine this morning. You can see where they have picked the corn with a lot more to go. For any readers with a farming background and I know there are a few ... my question is, why isn't this combine cutting the corn close to the ground? I see in other blogs where the stalks are cut almost to ground level, whereas this farmer is not cutting that low.

This next photo was taken on our 2nd walk of the day just a couple of hours later. You can see the dust almost blocking the view of the combine. That dust is one reason I will wait to power wash my house until the two fields in front of my house and across the highway are harvested. I usually power wash the house in the spring but I missed doing that this year ... not sure why.

The leaves are changing color and someway this red leaf made it out to the center of the field.

On the way back home on our 2nd walk today, Stella's tongue is letting me know the temperature is above 80°. She was right ... Wunderground told me it was 82° when we got back to the house.

We only have one more day of 80° weather and then the highs will be in the low to mid 70's. It's a perfect time of year to be living in the Midwest. Speaking of weather I have some family and friends on the east coast of Florida. My cousin lives within a block of the ocean, has been through a few bad hurricanes without much damage over the years but this one might be different.

A few friends I have not been able to get a hold of and without them posting on Facebook I assume they are on their way out of town. One friend has decided to stay and party with her neighbors and ride out the storm. That seems to be the common theme for some, even with millions of people evacuating.

There are very few places in the USA that does not have some type of natural disaster ... from forest fires, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

I headed out for a trip to buy groceries and once again Stella did not do any damage to the bedroom while I was gone. I was gone over an hour. Can I assume she is finally over her separation anxiety? Last week I was gone for 8-9 hours, she passed that test with flying colors. The last time she destroyed anything was June 24 ... that doesn't include the fruit that she steals from the bowl on the counter while I am outside mowing the yard.

It's already Thursday and with the MLB Playoffs added to my College and NFL football viewing ... once again I do not have enough tv's to watch all the games I want to watch, which are scheduled at the same time.

That's all for today here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. I take it the Echo is running now.

    1. No, never turned over. I cut all the ragweed with hand clippers (tree trimmers).

  2. Sending positive thoughts to your cousin and your friends and to everyone else in the path of Matthew.

    1. One of my friends has small damage to the porch. My other friend lives right on the inlet and from the video he posted on Facebook this afternoon his boat dock was under water and high tide was creeping up his back yard near his pool. He later posted "safe" on a Facebook site. No word from my relatives out on the far east coast, a block from the ocean.