Sunday, October 02, 2016

A Quiet Sunday

With two of three of my football teams winning this weekend, I guess you could call it a success. Besides the game, the weather was fantastic, no rain and even some thoughts of prepping the AC for winter.

Like I mentioned the other day, it's nice leaving the windows open but lately my allergies have been in the high range and drives me insane even after taking a tablet to control them. I saw today that Heidi's eyes were having the same allergy problems also.

I'm pretty sure the soy beans in the photo above and the rolls of hay in the photo below will be gone sometime this week. I hope to take some photos of the equipment that will do both of those tasks.

We were not outside long for time this morning. With the Indianapolis Colts playing in London England, their game was going to start at 9:30am which would just extend our day of watching football after a busy Saturday.

All the hounds came back inside to sleep until their lunch was served. They didn't seem interested in taking a walk that early in the morning.

By 3pm they decided it was time. It looked like rain but it was just clouds. By late afternoon the sunshine was out bright. It was another good walk.

You could tell Sadie and Stella were both on a mission today ... it was like there was somewhere they both needed to be.

By the time Stella hit this spot, she didn't leave. I caught her here between sneezes ... she must have snorted something as she sneezed 4 to 5 times.

But she didn't leave that spot while Sadie and I continued our walk. You can barely see her dead center of the next photo.

Sadie continued her walk with no problem. She would prefer to stay fairly close to me and rarely if ever stays as far back as Stella does.

Stella finally raised her head long enough to see Sadie and I were on our way to the house ... she decided she might want to head our way.

It was an easy stroll for both of them all the way back to the house.

Heidi was standing at the corner of the house wagging her tail as she was happy to see us. My photos never catch her tail moving from side to side but she does wag her tail a lot more than my photos show.

Due to health reasons an 'icon' in my small town is having to shut the business down. It's a feed store for all the locals that have farm animals, dogs or cats. It's been a family business for 75 years and really the main place I buy the dog food for the hounds. The prices rarely changed over the years and carried all of the different Diamond brand dog kibble.

It's not the dog food I'll miss but the conversation with the owner during the times I stopped there every 18 days for another 40# bag. It was also a place for the older guys to hanging out and chew the fat. It will be sad to see the doors closed for the last time.

Otherwise, besides those allergies ... all is good here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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