Saturday, October 29, 2016

Another Beautiful Saturday

The day started off much different than the normal routine. I woke up before the hounds did and it was our normal time.

Heidi had moved completely under her sleeping bag, Stella was taking all the bottom third of the bed stretched out and Sadie was in the corner floor on her dog bed, snoring so loud ... it woke me up.

I didn't feel the cool air of the 40's coming through the open windows so that was a plus, still I thought it would at least be in the 50's. To my shock, as we stepped outside for the first hound walk of the day I could feel that I 'overdress' for the walk ... I had added a sweatshirt to the cargo shorts/tshirt combo. As I glanced left to the old carport thermometer ... 66° at 10:30am.

That was great for us. Stella decided she would lead the way this morning and took off.

As I neared that first turn, I glanced back to see how far the hounds were since they were enjoying their "natural pellets" as Russ calls them. I was shocked to see both of them right on my tail, almost too close to squeeze in a photo.

I decided as I normally do for the first walk of the day, to let Stella do whatever she wanted at her pace. That also gives her a chance to run to catch up and she loves running. It's also good exercise for her. I forget sometimes that she turned 7 years old this past August.

Sadie letting me know that she is the best hound at walking and never strays for too long during our walks.

We were almost to the point of making our left turn to walk along the back edge of the field ... Stella is still in that one spot right by the first turn of the walk at the corner of the woods.

Here she comes, without me calling her.

Then a sharp fast right turn to check out the 'deer highway' ...

For some reason she is wanting to catch up with Sadie and I. You'll notice in the flight path, both of her ears are laying over each other in the horizontal position ...

It doesn't matter how fast she is running or for how long ... there is always something to stop for and investigate.

This line of trees on the north edge of the field is about the only color we are going to get this year.

The hounds are ready to head back home ... they heard me mentioned they would get a treat when we returned ... as will Heidi because she is a great basset hound fighting through skin issues for the last two years.

I guess my Mahogany trees will show some color also. The problem is I will end up having to rake all of those leaves in the next few weeks, starting Monday.

Another great weather day here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana.


  1. Been w/o internet a while, in hotel tonight and read what happened to you. Thanks for the invite. I will read when I have internet. Still not much going on, diet, exercise and Theme parks.

    1. Good to hear you are keeping up with you diet and exercise while you travel. Not sure where you were when you wrote this but it has to be warmer than that snow you left.

  2. Now you will remember why it's called "fall". That's why they invented "the rake" and "the leaf blower". That's also why they have football on you have a good reason not to use those other two things. HAHAHAHA

    1. That tv invention definitely makes the schedule for those times I do use the leaf blower or the rake. Body stiffness is always a factor in deciding whether to use the leaf blower or the rake. Plus as the blog shows from past posts ... I have a tendency to change my mind a lot and need options for doing different tasks .... all in the range from leaves to driving a different car. LOL