Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Hounds Pass Out By 3pm

Unless you were here it would be too hard to understand just how beautiful every day is this time of year in 'the tropics'.

No heat, no humidity, windows open 24/7, any rain forecasted never arrives ... it's great.

We had a fairly late start I guess. I am not sure why but really didn't realize the time until I was making coffee. It didn't feel that late. Even with that, Stella decided it was too wet for the first walk of the day and headed back to the house soon after her visit to the field. She was wanting to sleep a little longer.

From the time it took me to consume my daily two cups of coffee, read my email, some blogs, sports and little news it looked like the perfect time to take that first walk of the day even with it being an hour or so before lunch.

Both hounds were happy as usual. Stella did her best to keep up with Sadie and I and didn't lag far behind like she has recently.

They both found their favorite stuff to eat in the same spots as before.

It looks like the corn crop in the field behind the field we walk in, is more than ready to be picked. I would think that would happen sometime this week with all the great weather predicted.

By the time we got back from walk #1, Heidi had moved from the front yard to the backyard which has more direct sunshine before noon. That huge pipe sticking out of the ground is the capped off well from 40 years ago. The story is, they tried using their own well water but switched to 'city water' soon after. I don't know if that change was because of water quality from their well or the availability of 'city water'.

As I was messing around outside for an hour or so, Sadie kept bothering me like she wanted another walk. She gives you that stare down when she wants to go or will hop up and down if she thinks we are going for a walk. Yet, it was barely over an hour since they finished their first walk.

I stalled her for another hour inside before I decided if that is what she wants to do, then we'll do it. They were more than happy to take off. Heidi was barking and that seemed to tell me she wanted to go also ... but all she wanted was to go outside.

The walk was a little faster paced. The hounds didn't hang out in anyone spot like the photo above. Then something I had not seen on any walk in the 19 years that I have been here.

On the way back Sadie takes of sprinting and never stopped.

She did stop though and from the way she was acting I thought Heidi had come out into the field and Sadie had seen her wagging white tip on her tail ... but there was nothing there by the time we caught up with Sadie.

It wasn't Heidi because when we got back to the yard, Heidi was back over in that same spot she was at this morning, soaking up some sunshine.

Sometime around lunch I had a wild thought ... "why am I paying them for something that has to have a simple solution?". I went back to the local hardware store to pick up my weed eater, along with a new dry filter to go along with my new spark plug I bought yesterday. I even mixed up a new batch of gas/oil mixture they recommend.

My weed eater was behind a long line of riding mowers in for repair. I could see why they told me it would take a couple of days.

After draining all of the fuel, pressing the bubble to release as much fuel as possible and getting it empty as possible, I tried starting it ... I think you can see by Stella's response what happened ... nothing.

She proceeded to walk over and give herself a good scratch in one of her outdoor napping spots but today ... that wasn't the spot she wanted.

After a little thinking, she decided she had to move if she was going to sleep outside this afternoon. Why not? She and Sadie had two walks completed by 1:30pm, the yard mowing could wait until tomorrow, she was fed and had nothing else planned for the rest of the day.

After finding a better spot with more hot sunshine, she looked back for my approval ... then started her thought process for starting her nap.

In the meantime my bloodhound that has the strong tracking chip inside her, was exploring different parts of the yard nonstop while Stella slept. If Sadie is outside she never has time to take a nap ... there are too many things to check out.

After Sadie practically walked over the top of Stella, waking her up ... Stella decided that sleeping inside may be a little safer around Sadie.

All three hounds were passed out by 3pm ... I wasn't certain a 3rd walk for the day would take place. We have NEVER done 3 walks in a day and it might not be something I want to introduce to them, to prevent any new habits taking place.

I played around with my two camera lenses. You can look through the photos and see if you can see any differences in them. Some are taken with the Tamron 18-200mm with a lens hood. Others were taken with my Nikon 55-200mm with a filter and a lens hood.

With these hounds passed out in the middle of the afternoon and Sadie snoring loudly, at times it's really hard to resist an afternoon siesta in the late afternoon.

Fantastic weather here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Note to self, ignore any Tom suggestions. I will make for sure never to buy that brand of equipment.
    Was the plug wet after trying to start it?

    1. The new plug was dry after I tried starting it yesterday and again today. The old plug WAS wet when I replaced it.