Friday, October 07, 2016

Hounds Under No Restrictions Today

I decided today I would make some changes to the daily walk. I've done it before but when Stella started going outside the limits I went back to some 'adult supervision'.

We didn't get the first walk in until 11:30am. The field was still really wet in the shaded areas ... but I didn't say a word to them until the end of the walk this morning. Stella tried to head in the direction of the neighbors house instead of the direction Sadie and I were walking.

For their first trip of the day, right after their breakfast, both of them are now back to their older habit of walking straight out into the field instead of heading north. Sadie will look back at me at times to see if I am watching her.

I still don't see a lot of bright, vibrant colors while these leaves change. Nor did I do any Google searches to find out what makes those colors so vibrant one year and dull colors the other year.

The deer scent along the field must have been strong because Stella never stopped once as we started our walk. Both of them had tails up and noses down with a pace that was fast as a trot.

Sadie has the better tracking nose and was pretty intense this morning with her exploration.

Without saying a word to her, Stella ran to catch up with Sadie.

How much longer will the rolls of hay sit in the field. I was told the other day by the field owner that the farmer he lets bale this field has 100 head of cattle that go through the 32 rolls during the winter.

The corn field in back has been picked and we can see the turkey farm and AT&T tower now. I remember one day in a December snow storm, Sadie as a puppy jumped over that small hidden fence and sprinted across that field after some deer she had seen. I couldn't catch her, nor find her later. She was at the doorstep a few hours later.

Like I said, today I didn't say a word to either hound ... I kept walking and taking photos while letting them do anything they wanted.

I've always wanted to take a picture of this sign but always before I could never get the Nikon 55-200mm to focus at the 200mm setting. The Tamron 18-200mm had no problem focusing in on what I wanted to take a picture of.

Unbelievable that Stella started running toward Sadie and I as we headed for the house. This past week or two, I had to practically drag her by the collar to get her to move.

We are almost home when Stella decides to change direction and head the wrong way. She did not go to the neighbors, neither of them were outside, but she had found a spot she wanted to check out. It's the only time today that I told her to "come on".

With the MLB Playoffs in 'full swing' the first of four baseball games today and tonight started a little after 1pm. Hounds were fed, had at their morning walk and all that was needed was my lunch. Although it was only Friday, with that many games being shown back to back, I know the hounds would get a 2nd walk sometime between games.

They spent some time outside during my lunch and the 1st game. I let Heidi spend as much time as she wanted outside. She stayed outside enjoying the sunshine for over an hour after Sadie, Stella and I went back inside.

What I thought would be between baseball games, we took off on our walk. Little did I know that once that commercial was over, the 2nd game had already started.

Stella went straight to the spot she wanted to go to this morning at the end of her walk, when I called her. This afternoon I just kept walking, letting her do anything she wanted.

Something told me that she would not be running to catch up with Sadie and I nor would she still be in that same spot when Sadie and I returned from our walk.

The leaves seem to be dying before they can change colors this year.

As Sadie and I started to make that first turn, I turned around to see where Stella was ... same place.

Sadie would rather walk then just stay in one spot. There are too many things that activate her nose.

This is about the only section of color leaves.

As Sadie and I made the turn to head back home, I didn't see Stella on the horizon. I didn't see her to the left of us so I assumed the worse ... she was at the neighbors house. She won't last long if she continues to do that. If she goes that far she will eventually go as far as the highway.

I guess it was better than what I assumed, she is standing there at the edge of the woods that are behind the neighbors house.

Without calling her, she noticed Sadie and I were walking by and she started heading our direction.

As the AKC book says for the bloodhound breed ... she is definitely stubborn.

The three of us cruised on home with not much said. No lectures, just walking.

Baseball in the fall reminds me of the days growing up a long time ago .. then it was just the World Series, with no playoffs and no wild card teams. Interesting how all the sports got greedy, players and owners alike ... still there is something special about watching baseball in the fall.

Not sure about my blogging plans for the weekend. It was nice taking time away from the computer last weekend. I might try that again while I spend all my time watching ballgames.

Have a good weekend ... another week has passed here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. You had no farmers answer your question of yesterday about corn cutting height. I was awaiting an answer and with none forthcoming I went on a Google Search. This link will tell you more than you want to know about corn harvesting.
    I read only enough of it to find this:
    "If forage supply [corn stover] is low, then lowering the cutter bar will result in greatest yields. If supply is adequate to excessive, then raising the cutter bar on the forage chopper will decrease yield, but increase Milk per ton and reduce overall Milk per acre only slightly. Raising the cutter bar will also leave more residue in the field helping to reduce soil erosion potential."

    1. That's interesting info. Some years I have seen them go back with a mower and cut the taller corn stalks left in the field, before they plow them under. A different farmer, on that cuts one of the two fields across the highway, also cut his corn higher but his field borders a small creek and will flood at times during the winter, as past blog posts have shown. I guess it's just my personal preference to cut it as low as possible because it looks nicer ... proves I'm not a farmer ... LOL

  2. It looks like Stella has gotten used to those hay bales and not scared anymore. I was wondering if some canned food added to Heidi's kibble might help her to put on some weight.

    1. That canned food is a good idea. I had not thought about that. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try that and see what happens.