Sunday, October 16, 2016

It Was A Good Saturday

Started the day early with a little fog. About an hour later the sun was trying it's best to fight through to make it another great day.

Sadie stood out in the field ready for the first walk of the day. That is her pose for the 'stare down' telling me it's time for a walk. She has the same pose inside or outside and will not move unless she knows the walk is going to start. There was a problem though ....

I had not had my first cup of coffee yet and we never start the day until I have a couple of cups in my bloodstream to get the brain cells activated. She and Stella came running for the door while I yelled "coffee" ... that is their new command to get them to come inside after their short 2nd trip outside just after their breakfast.

After a breakfast and some online reading, plus printing out my tv schedule for the college football schedule today ... the bloodhounds and I headed out for the first to two walks today.

The leaves are dying before they can really change their color ... it's different every year. I am not sure why but I am sure there is a reader out there that has a simple answer.

When the hounds are together and have their noses to the ground, most of the time that grass is worn down like our path but it's not my path ... it's the path the deer take.

Stella got in some good sprinting and an 'ear workout'. You would think that would air her ears out a little.

That deer path I mentioned is pictured right here. You'll notice the grass is mashed down along the edge between the cut grass and the overgrown brush.

That is one reason both hounds love to spend time eating deer scat buried deep in that brush, that is never cut by the farmer that bales hay.

I decided today that I would follow the field instead of my path and that put us up in the far right corner of the field and a different view when taking a photo. Those trees are what I see from the house that border the field. It's a deep gully to the left of those trees, 50 to 60 feet deep.

They both enjoyed I deviated from my normal path, so they could cruise the edge of the field along the back side all the way to the point in the walk where we turn and head back to the house.

Stella started heading the direction of the neighbor's house until I called her. Then she came trotting toward me knowing she had given it a good attempt before being caught.

While I followed the path home, they both took what I call the 'long way' .. always in view but they walk through the field over to the north corner of my yard and then walk toward the house.

By the time we got inside it was time for college football, plus a bowl of those beans that had been cooking in the crockpot all night.

I will say the Google Photos is working out well. I have over 27,000 photos loaded. The website is free and I can access every photo I own from my iPhone or iPad Mini without using any of their hard drive memory. It doesn't take that much longer to upload the pictures I take every day into Flickr, which does not compress the size of the file and a much better photo.

Well it's 12:33am local time and I am watching the 2nd half of two football games ... UCLA at Washington State and the Boise State game on a different channel. Being up this late watching the games out west is the normal Saturday routine. I did catch the Cubs grand slam home run in the 8th inning during a commercial of the Ohio State game I was watching at the time.

I almost forgot, after the Indiana loss to Nebraska (made me sick), the hounds and I went out for their 2nd walk of the day before we started the 8pm games. Due to the time of day (possible deer), I put the 25' retractable leash on Stella .. she didn't mind. I didn't have an extra hand to take photos of the 2nd walk.

As far as my searching or just looking at different tv, internet options ... it always ends the same due to my location. Not all services they advertise are available so what I have works very well and I don't mind that I don't have to change services ... I'd just like to pay them less money.

I will say it's great to be back in the smartphone and iPad mini life ... both are used a lot and are very handy for supplementing my older memory.

Another great day here in 'the topics' of southern Indiana.


  1. Yeah, I agree, Steve. Us old guys need all the help we can get.

    1. Yes strong coffee and computerized phones, lists, reminders, ... all good for old guys. I need to learn how to make that bread you are showing on Facebook. I'd eat the whole loaf if I had a tub of butter to go with it ... maybe some berry preserves.

  2. Why leaves Change Color:

    This may be what you are looking for: "A warm period during fall will also lower the intensity of autumn colors. A warm wet spring, favorable summer weather, and warm sunny fall days with cool nights should produce the most brilliant autumn colors. "

    1. Thanks Ed for taking the time to research once again, a question I had. I mentioned you in the post I'll publish later today or tonight and the reasons why I don't bother to look it up. Your answer explains it ... this fall has been too warm. This time last year we had already had high temps for the day in the 30's.

  3. Care to share your vegan chili recipe?

    1. I guess I could have called it soup but it looked like chili .. lol ... I also added kidney beans. I also tried the overnight crockpot because I wanted to see how much kilowatts that used compared to stove top cooking.