Monday, October 03, 2016

Sadie Finds A Praying Mantis

With the AC turned off and all the windows opened, it felt like fall. I'm not sure where September went but it wasn't here long enough to remember.

Doesn't it seem like it was hot summer summer weather just a couple of weeks ago? Today the weather was great to get a few things done outside before it rains again.

Cleaning gutters was one of my projects today. With a lot of dry leaves inside them and not having the wet leaf problem it made the job that much faster ... and cleaner to do. I am hoping to clean and wash the Toyota FJ this week also. A lot of hound wear inside that needs to be taken care of.

Right after lunch it was time for a walk. It was beautiful today and most of the afternoon was spent outside doing something. You can see the leaves just starting to change color.

I bought a new spark plug for the Echo SRM-225U Weed Eater ... it still didn't start. I drove down to the local hardware store where I bought it to let them take a look at it. Their repair business must be good because they said they'd call me in a couple of days. I was tired of trying to figure out what was wrong with it and decided to let the 'pros' fix it. That also delayed the cutting of the giant ragweed until I get that back.

Sadie and Stella didn't care though. They took off running along the edge of the field and and didn't stop until they moved around the first turn. The scents must have been pretty strong for them to take off like that.

Of coarse Stella found her usual spot that she is always interested in.

Sadie was in full search mode and had been most of the walk today.

I'm not sure what spooked Stella but I caught her just as she turned, right before she took off running to catch up with us.

We headed back to the house but you can see that Sadie is very interested in something she had found. Once I saw her hop into the air right above that spot she is checking out, I knew it was something important.

If you look closely you can see what her prize was. I ran Sadie off to let the praying mantis continue it's movement through the field.

Sorry to be brief tonight, but the hounds and I just got up from our afternoon siesta a little after 6pm and still have a little daylight we can enjoy before the sun sets. For those interested, all the photos today were taken with the lens hood mounted.

It was a good Monday here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Sorry it was not just a spark plug, two strokes are simple engines and seldom fail to start. Echo must have learned a new trick. Hope it is a cheap fix, too early for a diaphragm to fail.

    1. They had the rebuild kits on the shelf, except for my model number. In that kit was a filter, spark plug and something I had not seen. If it's not a cheap fix, they can keep it ... lol

  2. I see Sadie's ribs in those two searching pictures. You wanted her to loose weight and it sure looks like she is now slimmer than Stella.

    1. I feed them the same amount of kibble 2x per day. Sadie has always lost some weight in the summers, maybe from the time we walk 2x per day. Of course with the field cut this winter those 2x per day walks could continue. Freezing weather makes that a little harder.

  3. It was 1C/33.8F here this morning, very cold indeed.

    1. It's been getting into the 40's F here but I am not ready for winter weather ... I hope we have a mild winter like last year.