Saturday, October 15, 2016

Surprise Visitor Thursday Night

With it being such a busy day I am late posting today on the blog. I am sitting down to do this one at 11:30pm.

I'm up late every night so that isn't an issue. It was a busy day, and I did a couple of things I had not planned on which took most of the afternoon. Then it was football and a baseball game on different channels that took up most of the evening.

Stella decided this morning there wasn't much to check out, she walked to the edge of the yard, looked at Sadie, then turned to come inside. When the weather was hot a few weeks ago she would head out to the middle of the field and wouldn't leave during that early morning trip.

Thursday night, close to 7pm, as I walked into my "computer room", something was out in the field. I couldn't tell if it was an animal or a possible sack of some kind that had blown into the field. I tried to check it out with my zoom lens on the camera and snapped this very poor photo through the mini blinds while standing inside. I didn't know how long that foreign unidentified object would stay there.

After a few minutes and four more poor quality photos, I decided to try to keep the bloodhounds inside and very quietly walk outside to try to get a photo of it before it ran/flew away. Not only was I able to stand there taking photos of it, it was in no rush. Strange how the hounds like deer scat and the broad wing hawk likes dog poop.

I could tell from where it was, that was most likely what it was eating. During the walk this morning I checked that area right on our path and all the dog poop was gone. I guess all forms of recycling are good.

I had to make a noise for it to fly away. The hounds were still inside standing at the door but were making no noises to come outside. Evidently they didn't smell the hawk. For some reason Stella decided months ago that she would stop opening the door on her own to go outside, so they were both looking out the screen door when went back to get them.

You can barely see it in the trees, in the center of the photo.

I went back inside to let Sadie and Stella outside. They came outside and had no idea who or what had been close to their yard. They didn't show any signs of running into the field to track it. They just needed to pee before the baseball game started and headed back inside.

Today was another nice day and even though we all were late risers, we were able to get two different walks in today plus some of the typical domestic stuff around the house. Heidi ??  She slept most of the day wrapped up in her sleeping bag with the windows open.

Stella decided on both walks today that she would cooperate and walk near Sadie and I. I didn't say a word the whole way and let the hounds go where their noses led them.

With Sadie not wearing a collar the past few months, it's easier to tell them apart. At times Stella looks like she has gotten bigger this past year but from a different angle, she looks the same.

On the way back on the first walk, they both took off as if they had found gold somewhere, or some food, but it turned out to be nothing.

Shortly after washing my dishes, for some strange reason I had this sudden urge to bring out the Rug Doctor Pro carpet cleaner that I have and clean the carpets. I normally do it in the spring and fall anyway but I usually plan in advance to do the job. That task has never been an impulsive act.

It didn't take long while the hounds were barricaded in the bedroom with the baby gate blocking the doorway. With one hound walk already taken, all of them slept through the noise of the carpet cleaner.

After all the equipment was cleaned up and put away, the fans turned on to help dry the carpet ... it was nice enough for the 2nd walk of the day. I may have said summer is over in my opinion but the forecast shows three days next week in the high 80's ... I'll not be complaining.

Before I could even get my first photos of the 2nd walk taken, Sadie and Stella were sprinting for the first corner in the field. I was sure they had smelled deer in the area but when I looked at the horizon ready to take photos ... I didn't see any deer activity. Maybe they were just happy to be let out of 'jail'.

They gave me a chance to catch them ... then they moved to their normal spots. I could tell some of the leaves had changed color even since this morning.

Most of the way home both Stella and Sadie were walking right next to me or right behind me. They were too close to take photos even with the 18mm setting.  About the time we were close to the yard, I could see Heidi over by the trees in the backyard. She has been spending more and more time outside alone just roaming the yard and laying in the sunshine. It's good to see her spending more time outside.

As always, Sadie had to run over to her, touch noses and see if she was okay.

I plan to plant new grass seed where that area of dirt is. It goes down a small bank and then over toward the fence. That has had the same wild brush growing there for years that was on the right side of the trees until April 2015.

Over by the fence the English Ivy has taken over. I had hoped it would have taken over the wild brush over the years but it didn't happen ... so I have a few more roots to dig out and will plant grass next spring, maybe some rye this fall to keep the weeds out and have some ground cover.

She is still not gaining weight .. stuck at 36 pounds and has been that weight since June 2015.

We have a full day of football Saturday and Sunday with the MLB Playoff games mixed in during them. That means a lot of work with the remote changing channels during commercials of different games.

I made vegan chili and it's in the crock pot to cook on low all night so by the first game at noon Saturday it should be a good meal while watching football.

I had a really bad fight tonight with myself, resisting the urge to buy some Haagen Das ice cream just down the highway. Drinking water wasn't working and I finally had to think about something else to get ice cream out of my thoughts.

So I looked at my friend's car lot online, it's where I buy most of my cars. They had a 2007 Toyota FJ, silver, basic model for sale. Just looking through the 21 photos of that FJ erased the urge for ice cream.

It will be sunny and 70's tomorrow in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana on Saturday.


  1. Never seen that, before. Didn't know hawks would do that at all. Takes all kinds, I guess, to keep things balanced. Thanks for posting all the great photos.

    1. Your welcome. I love taking photos of the surrounding area or the hounds. Ive seen those hawks take flight after almost hiding in the deep field grass from Sadie. I have also seen their skeletons at times in the field.

  2. At lest Heidi is not losing weight so I think that this is her weight. Nothing wrong with it.

    1. Since I have been using Google Photos as ONE of THREE backups for my photos, today it made an automatic album of photos one year ago. She looked much better than. So I checked her excel spreadsheet and found what dog food she was eating then. Earthborn kibble does make a difference.

  3. Great attention to detail to notice that hawk in your yard.

    1. I seem to look out the windows a lot and when there is something different in the field I like to find out what it is before my hounds get involved. For their safety and my sanity. :)