Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Quiet Tuesday

I was fooled this morning after glancing at two weather apps. Their "feels like" temps were ten degrees difference. I decided it was best to have some coffee and let it warm up a little.

Yet, when I stepped outside to take the first few pictures of the day, it felt warm, like 42° warm.

Sadie and Stella snuck over through the area I cleared last fall and down over a small bank into the wooded area behind our burn pile. If they go into that area 10', later it will be more and more and into a danger zone of leg deep mud. It was a different start to a new day.

Sadie begged at usual with her 'stare down' while I read the internet and drank coffee. This begging of hers seems to start earlier each day. A little after 9:30am, I dressed for 42°, grabbed the leash and the camera and took off for the first walk of the day.

The hounds were own their own. I remembered this morning it's just not them getting a walk in and I forget at times I am getting some pretty good exercise twice a day. The field looks flat but there is some pretty good incline from the house to the back of the field.

It didn't take long to realize that I had not put on enough layers of clothing ... Weather Bug was right, it did 'feel like' 33°.

I glanced back at the hounds to check their progress. If you would draw a line from the hounds to their right ... it would take you right to the skinned tree limb. Ed thinks it might be porcupines that are eating the bark and the limb itself.

Sadie didn't want to be left behind. Stella didn't care, as usual. Sadie was 8 years old last June but she is showing great speed in this sequence of pictures. I kept catching her in the downward part of her run but her ears were always up.

We whipped around the first turn, the winds picked up and there was no sign of Stella. She is on her new routine for the week. She will lag behind quite a ways and then slowly drift toward the neighbor's woods until I catch up with her.

While Sadie was having fun and having the whole field to herself ...

You can barely see Stella just to the right of the corner of our first turn.

I decided to see what Sadie could do, so I told her "go get Stella" ... off she went.

That doesn't mean that Stella is always going to follow Sadie back to the path. At least in this spot I always have to go get Stella and get her heading home.

She came back with me and Sadie to get on the return path, stopped a couple of times to scratch and then did her version of sprinting to the house when it looked like I was going to leave them outside. Warm inside is better than cooler outside ... they are smarter than the AKC rankings say they are ... LOL

I decided to have my one egg breakfast, grab a book from yesterday's library run and head for the couch. A perfect day to read.

Another good day here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana.


  1. Yup, these cooler days are made for reading. Enjoy.

    1. I should start book #2 in the morning. Thanks

  2. I saw a lot of Z4's running around with the tops down is South California. It is a sexy car. Stay warm.

    1. If you are going to have a Z4 that is definitely the place to live, if you can find a decent road anymore to drive them on. I use to like to head out east on Hwy 76 and go as far as I could. Warm today but suppose to have snow by Friday if not a few flurries in the morning.