Monday, January 02, 2017

Hounds Prepare For Football Marathon Today

I am writing this blog from the couch today, running a little late due to a lot of activity this morning.

My college football bowl games marathon has started for the day. I'm flipping between two channels watching two games.

I am more interested in the Rose Bowl at 5pm and a little less interested in the game tonight but I will watch the Sugar Bowl.

During these games for the next 8-10 hours, the hounds will assume the normal football game positions of the past week.


Heidi & Stella


It was a really busy morning ... very warm ... so we fit in two walks in BEFORE noon. I made a home cooked brunch, fought Stella for MY food, picked up some twigs in the yard and watched a little Rose Bowl Parade.

Stella gets in her first early morning scratch of 2017.

Sadie wanted to go for a walk as soon as she was outside but was turned down again because of lack of coffee.

Our first walk was in mid 40's, the computer said if 'feels' like 35° and it seemed to me that it was above 50°.

I don't mind the dark skies as long as it's warm.

Both hounds were out front and on a pace of their own. There wasn't much lagging behind today.

Stella would do almost anything if I would let her trot over to check out the wooded area behind the neighbors house but I can't let her start a new habit of always going in that direction.

She came running when I called her.

In this area I am assuming they are collecting a lot of deer scent.

Sadie was almost non-stop around the edge of the field. Stella had a few more things to check out in the deer area of tall dead bushes.

Without calling her, she took off to catch up with Sadie ...

She likes running in warm weather. She looks thinner than when I got her but she gets in 2-3 walks in per day and a lot more running than before I think. I am feeding her larger quantities of kibble but she burns it off.

Here I thought we were heading home ... Stella had other ideas.

She is stubborn and walks at a slower pace when she doesn't get her way ... LOL

After lunch Heidi made her daily outside appearance but it wasn't long before she wanted back inside, even in warm weather.

I was hoping that Heidi would join us for our walk at noon. I am not sure what had Stella's attention here but she never goes down the bank, and rarely is she looking that direction.

Once Stella saw me walking into the field, she came running but Sadie was already taking off.

They moved way ahead of me and were almost at the first turn while I was not even close to that point of the walk.

Then I get up to the edge of the deer area and the hounds take off again ... up along the back edge of the field.

When I made the final turned home I yelled "let's go home" and they both ran toward me. Sadie was beside me and Stella ran out in front of me.

She would really like to trot over to that wooded area behind her.

But eventually she came came home following her "Summer Route".

We will have another day of temps in the 50's tomorrow, maybe some thunderstorms later today ... then back to the 20's.

A great day here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana.

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