Friday, February 10, 2017

Which Breeds Are Compatible ?

I decided to post something a little off topic from my normal stuff this morning. The hounds and I just got in from our morning walk. It will be about 30° warmer by late afternoon but this morning wasn't bad. I'll post the pictures of that walk later today as I try to combine a full day of information instead of halves of two different days.

I received an email yesterday asking if I would be interested in looking at a graphic they had made when researching just what breeds were compatible when sharing the same house. I guess they had noticed I had two different breeds and different sizes sharing my house after finding my blog.

Like I said yesterday, I've always liked and at times wanted a bulldog, maybe a mastiff or even mutts from the animal shelter. But for 30 years I've always had basset hounds and then my first bloodhound 20 years ago.

A few of them were from basset rescue that is linked in the upper left corner, a couple were from the local animal shelter. To be honest, I have never had a dog work out that came from a shelter but the two bassets I've gotten from Guardian Angel Basset Rescue in Illinois have been fantastic.

When I bought my first bloodhound I just assumed without any research, Max would get along with my two basset hounds Harry and Maggie. They got along great, never fought over food and as the temperatures got colder they slept closer together. The other combos I have had with different bloodhounds and basset hounds have always worked out, even though there is a huge difference in size.

I found their research at interesting enough to not only write about it but post their graphic for you to see, just in case you might be thinking of adding to your crew of dogs. I'll admit I was a little disappointed they did not cover the basset hound - bloodhound breeds and almost didn't post this because of that.

On a side note, my niece had a mini-dachshund years ago that did not like girls/women or other dogs. She was fierce and would bite people, vets and other dogs ... except my basset hounds and bloodhound when she would spend a weekend at the house while I pet sit. Here are a few pictures of her with Arthur on the couch and laying next to Winston. I will say though, she ruled the house when she was here and the hounds always stepped back when she was here and let her drink their water, eat their food, and sleep on their blankets.

She was small (4.5 pounds) but fierce.

Sleeping with Winston.

Who is going to move first?

So take a look at all of the different combinations of breeds they have found compatible and if you would, leave a comment on your thoughts and/or experiences living with different breeds in one household. I think you will find their results interesting.

If you have any questions about the basset hound or bloodhound breed getting along with other breeds, send an email to me or leave a comment and I'll answer. Throughout our travels my hounds have had visitors that were different breeds.

I had second thoughts about putting their website link in the upper left sidebar, so I removed it this morning. My decision had nothing to do with them or what they do (place/sell puppies). I've never had affiliate links, nor was their site an affiliate link, but I just didn't think it kept with the theme of my blog which is "living with the hounds in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana".

While writing this post I realized it was 30 years ago when I bought my first basset hound while living in Oak Harbor, Washington. Harry lived to be 13 years old and lived in Oak Harbor, then Breckenridge CO and later in this house in Indiana. Even as a 8 week old puppy he was a wanderer and that never stopped for the next 13 years. He was sneaky quick, disappearing within minutes and how he ever survived the highway in front of the house ... I don't know.

He would sneak off to the DMV in Oak Harbor a few times. I'm told he would walk in the open back door of the office and choose a desk to lay next to for his afternoon siesta. I'd get a call at work to let me know he was there. Here in 'the tropics' I'd get a call from the landscaping business just south of me, telling me Harry was sleeping behind the counter next to the cashier and that I could come to get him after his nap was over.

Enjoy your weekend and I'll be back later this afternoon or early evening with our post about the hounds and their day.


  1. I have had several Labrador retrievers, and they definitely get along with any other dog and even baby raccoons. :)

    My son had an old English bulldog who got along with his wife’s very small high-strung dog and my beagles.

    My experience with beagles is that they are just like labs and get along with all other dogs.

    Now my son and daughter in law have a French bulldog who is a total clown and seems to like any other dog he has been around.

    I have also had a lot of mixed breeds over the years and can’t really remember any that did not get along with the other dogs I had at the time.

    1. I picked up a basset/yellow lab mix from the local shelter. He was an escape artist. Finally the neighbor with two young boys wanted him. Once he was there, he never tried to escape for the 13 years he lived there. Bulldogs are comedians. My friend in Nebraska has rescued 6 mixed breeds and they all get along.

  2. That was a funny story about Harry. I kind of struggle sometimes with whether or not to call the number on a roaming dog’s tag. I was visiting a park recently and two friendly dogs (looked like small black labs) came up to visit me. One had a license tag with the phone number to animal control, but the other one didn’t have any tags. They looked to be in good condition, no owner around, but there are houses close by, so I figured they were probably neighborhood dogs out for a run and decided not to call. It’s a big park with lots of grassy areas and they didn’t look to be in any danger at the time.

    One day I was about to call the owner off of a dog’s tag who was wandering around in my neighborhood. I knew where the dog lived and thought I could get him to follow me back to his house. Wrong! He decided to head off in the opposite direction, but eventually made it back home. Better luck next time I guess...

    1. Harry had so many funny stories I might have to do a post just on him. He would always come back if I let him out late at night but he would always visit a neighbor whether he knew them or not, bark at the patio door to be let in and then take a nap before returning home.

      The difference between your neighborhood and mine, dogs don't last long here if they are out running loose. I've seen too many hit by cars on that highway. Yes, once dogs are on the move, they know where they are going and when they will go back home.

  3. Surprise, surprise NO Pit Bulls or American Stafordshires on the compatibility list - HA.

    I read someplace that Dachshunds bite more people every year than any other breed. Most of the ones that I have had contact with have been rather nasty little devils.

    1. The vet use to have to muzzle the Mini every time it was there for shots and only the vet could cut her toenails.