Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Little Rambling Today

I decided I'd turn this blog post into one of my 'rambling' posts today. In the past some readers have swore I am crazy and even a few decided to let me me know by making comments or emailing me.

My theory has always been "you have to be a little crazy to keep from going insane".

I may ramble today but I will not be talking about current news, politics or religion. I woke up early today and immediately wondered what they hell was going on? It wasn't suppose to be this cold. The problem with that thought was, I wasn't even out of bed yet.

I called it Officially Spring in my last sentence yesterday. I threw out a little more grass seed yesterday on the bank that I am trying to cover and even thought of taking a Z4 drive with the top down today. Something was wrong. All three of the hounds were not only still sleeping, they had all curled up as close as they could next to each other to keep warm. Inside !!!

After I glanced at the temps on my iPhone I took a quick glance for the day of the week. I had Tuesday and Wednesday mixed up. I knew it wasn't Thursday yet because the NCAA games were not on yet, that I could remember.

That did not bother Sadie though. As soon as her eyes open she his hopping up and down to get outside. I'm never getting dressed fast enough for her and she will hop up and down until I open the door to let her outside ... then sprints to the field.

Stella? As we all know she is on her own time ... slow time ... nothing is fast with her unless she sees some deer to chase.

It took me a while to figure out why I was feeling cold today. It was bright and sunny outside, not a cloud in the sky anywhere but cooler than I liked. The winds out of the north was taking away any of my motivation to stay outside and do some things ... like get on the roof to clear off some small tree limbs and check to see if the gutters were clear. Too cold for that.

My obsession I spoke of yesterday has taken an immediate stop. The big old university sent out their social media experts and told a few insiders "enough" with publishing the leaks on their coaching search. Who knows whats real or fake information but it sure was interesting while it lasted.

That wasn't the only reason I stopped living on that message board. I lost the urge to sit hour after hour hitting the refresh button on that site, or checking the latest 28 new tweets on another open table while I had tuned into sports talk radio ... I've always been able to multi-task, even after retiring.

About the time I was about to step away from the computer this morning, I got a text from my old friend from my days in college, telling me he had tried to call but no answer. I had turned off my phone when I walked into the library yesterday but failed to turn the sound back on.

We are like two old people sitting around at the park in the sunshine solving all the worlds problems. The only thing is in of our worlds, current events and politics are not part of them. We had so much to discuss that my iPhone batter went from 100% to 39% charged ... hard to believe that was worth 3 hours and 13 minutes of pure BS. We both like to talk if you hadn't guessed.

The hounds and I had already missed the window for the first walk, so we didn't hit the trail until after 1pm. They still had their two meals in on time. I guess that 2nd walk of today will have to be a late afternoon walk ... wow, it's already late afternoon as I write this at 4:10pm and I have a lot more I want to type.

The reason I have been feeling cold all day is a sweatshirt is not enough when it's 42°. I had no idea it was that cold. That put Heidi back into MY sleeping bag for the day, only to rise long enough to eat.

Speaking of Heidi ... on our 2nd walk yesterday I told her that we were going for a walk and would be right back, as I always do. She immediately jumped off the couch and headed for the door. I was only taking the 25' retractable leash for Stella so I did not have the camera to catch the historic event on digital film.

She moved out front of all of us pretty quickly and led the pace until the 2nd half of the walk. Her skin is looking really good, she's heavier and seems more like her old self than she has been in the past year.

Not to change the subject but I thought I was about to see a nice eagle or large bird nest up ahead.

It was looking pretty promising at this point. As I zoomed in for a closer look I didn't see any birds. Yet, the nest still looked intact.

The hounds right below it didn't care and I could see why as I got closer ....

The nest was not usable, at least at this time.

Ed from "Ed's Blog" up on my left sidebar under "Other Interest" has to watch his data usage, even more than me. I track mine at all times with the Apple Activity Monitor. That has saved me at times with large files being automatically loaded that I was unaware of in the past. Now, none of my updates are automatically downloaded and installed. They can tell me I have updates but I decide when to click the key.

Since I like to use large size pictures and post around 20 per post (until today) I wanted him to tell me if my blog was using to much data to load. I had the setting to load only two posts per page.

He found out that my blog did use a lot of data to load but also different results when using his data saver when looking at a Wordpress blog. It's too confusing to understand so I will not say anything more about the tests we were doing ... but what I was getting at ... does my blog load to slow for you on your computer, tables or phones? Too many large pictures?

To help Ed out I changed the settings back to ONE post per page and that will cut the number of large pictures in half. Thus, the blog site should load faster after I post this today.

While in the area of blogs ... when I logged in yesterday Blogger was telling me they had added new themes (templates) to use. I forgot to blog about it yesterday. I haven't taken a look at them yet but plan to after the hound walk that will happen right after I post this to the blog. Sadie is already giving me her stare down.

I am NOT going to be changing the template to this blog. I like the color, the design, the fonts, etc. I'll leave this as is. I have already made too many changes to this blog by changing the subject matter, changing domain names, plus moving it back and forth between Wordpress and Blogger ... to the point I have lost 90% of my traffic these past 18 months.

So to try the new themes I think I'll start a new 'test' blog just to try the different themes and see what they look like out of curiosity. From the thumbnail pictures of the templates they look really nice and almost as nice as the ones I can choose from on Wordpress.

Maybe I'll become an 'anonymous' writer and write about "off the wall" stuff. Or after looking at the new themes, just delete the new blog.

I don't have Verizon internet service for my home computer. I have been "living" on the internet the past few days since there are no basketball games on tv from the NCAA's but there are games from the NIT (not interested) ... but after spending a lot of hours on the internet, I am not using more than 400Mb of data within the 24 hour period. I would have thought with the number of hours on here I would be close to 1Gb of data ... although it's all reading, no videos or games.

I want to thank Kelly over at the Bayfield Bunch for the suggestion many months ago to try McDonald's coffee. Their bagged ground coffee has great taste and it has slowly taken over as my #1 brand anymore. Starbuck's and Seattle's Best Coffee don't taste the same anymore. I still have to try Arbuckle's and Tim Horton's is alway a possibility ... it's the shipping that keeps me from buying them. It's just easier to buy coffee off the shelf while grocery shopping.

I just glanced at Wunderground weather and I am happy to see 7 straight days of temps in the mid to high 60's starting tomorrow .. I am sad to see that 5 of those days have a very high probability of rain and/or thunderstorms. I'd better get my mower ready for the summer of 2017.

I am sure there is something I forgot to write about and I'll remember it while I am walking the hounds. But this is enough ... quite boring I'm sure. Why I wanted to write about all of this is beyond me.

One last question .... I am thinking of taking out the Yews in front of the house and replacing them with potted shrubs or flowers. I have decided the it would be best to take no chances with their roots messing with my septic tank system. I was told it was more in front of the carport but found out last year when I had an old diagram, the tank was under that window and the Yews covered much of the tank and two inlets for pumping it out.

If I take them out on one side of the porch I feel I have to take them out of the other side of the porch too. Otherwise it would not look right. When a friend suggested planting them in front of the house a few years ago, when I asked for suggestions ... I had no idea they would get as big as they have.

This is the size of them when they were planted a few years ago. I do like having the Directv dish hidden. I am up for any suggestions on what to do about the Yews. I also don't have anywhere else I would replant them.

Or maybe their root system is NOT long enough and NOT strong enough to mess up a septic system. Anyone have thoughts on that?

The hounds and I are outta here for our 2nd walk of the day in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana. Sadie has begged long enough.


  1. Yep, Cabin Fever is affecting you now. Please do not take it out on those pretty Yews.

    1. I'd like to keep them but I'm told their root system is deep and strong. Would that bother a concrete septic tank? I don't know. Believe me, I'd rather stay away from the manual labor it will take me to dig up but I don't want to end up paying $20K or more for a new system a few years down the road. I called 4 landscaping companies last summer to ask them if they were a problem and it was spit 2 to 2 on whether to remove them.

  2. Thanks Steve! I registered a little less than 1/2 what I can remember getting the last time I opened your web page. About 1/3 what I remember the Wordpress site 'costing' me.

    As I told you in my email most people don't know how much data a site uses when they open it or if they do know they don't care.

    1. I glance at my activity monitor at times when I load a site that ends up having those damn automatic videos. I even have Ghostery and AdBlockPlus to block them but a few sneak by them. I usually look for big bursts of data on the graphic screen they have for any unexpected data pigs.

      A lot of people don't care anymore because they have unlimited data.

  3. I'm pretty sure the rule is; if you know you're crazy you're alright, if you don't know you're crazy then you might be in trouble.

    At least that's the rule I'm operating under. . .

    1. That sounds like THE perfect policy.