Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hounds Up Early Today

It was still dark outside, I could hear traffic and Sadie was standing next to the bed eye level ... already giving me the look that she wanted to go out. How long had she been standing there?

I tried not to subtract one hour from the actual time to make me feel even worse, with the recent time change. Since retired I never get up when it's dark in the morning ... never.

Today was different. After I became a little more conscious I realized I was just as awake as Sadie. Stella and Heidi were still in a deep sleep. As you can see, Stella wasn't even that thrilled being up and outside by 8:15am when there was some daylight. Sadie is wagging her tail ready to go within seconds of opening her eyes every morning or after a nap in the afternoon.

Stella liked that it wasn't raining this morning. It will tomorrow but this morning she was trying to sneak away from the start of the morning walk. Does she think I will not see her while I stand 20' away? That drainage ditch she visited a couple of weeks ago is in that direction.

After yelling her name a couple of times, she turned and headed back to us. Sadie was already off headed to the first turn and was quite active this morning.

Sadie was going in so many different directions, some of the pictures of her may be blurred due to her movements. Let's just say that she was getting a lot of good nose exercise in this morning.

I was surprised that Stella was on the path with us, walking without any commands or instruction from me. I was curious if she would lead me to the far right corner. There seemed to be a lot of recent deer traffic based on the actions of Sadie.

Once Sadie checked out what Stella had found, she was back to running from the left side of the path and then all the way back over to the corner. Nose to the ground, paws in the air.

There were so many different scents in the area she couldn't make up her mind which direction to go. She was everywhere, while Stella meandered slowly along the path that I take.

Sadie was back again on the far right corner and started running along the edge of the field. That is the path the deer take before they turn right, jump over the short worn fence and sprint through the corn field. I've seen them do that but not today.

Sadie was so focused during all of this she heard nothing that I said, nor paid any attention to what Stella was doing. She was 100% serious today.

Once they joined forces they had that look they were both headed to the 'no fly zone'. I was preparing myself mentally that I'd be sprinting after them, while hoping it would be a false alarm.

Yes, the deer move right along here ....

And jump into the field behind this one about right here ...

Before I sprint anywhere I always call their names. I am not running, let along sprinting anywhere if I don't have to. I was pretty happy that both of them turned and headed my direction from the 'no fly zone' then headed home back on the path.

Stella looks and feels like she is staring to gain her weight back. Those larger portions of kibble two times per day must be helping. The hound that eats the less weighs more, and the hound that is always hungry, eats as long as there is food ... is the skinny one.

She may have looked like she was heading home with Sadie and I, but she had to take one more look at the neighbor's house just in case there is something to chase or wander off to check out. When they look this way I always forget that they can hear 4x further than we can.

Without any bribes of food or treats, no threats of putting the 6' leash on her ... she turned and came our way.

Sadie had sprinted all the way back to the house by the time Stella and I walked into the driveway. She was making one last check there were no birds to chase before we came back inside. Bird chasing has been her favorite hobby this week ... Spring is here.

It's been a little over 24 hours since Apple updated their OS. I guess all of those times the past few months that I would click the buttons to send them a report when my iMac would reboot itself while in the sleep mode ... worked. So far in almost 36 hours, that error has not repeated itself.

I leave my computer in sleep mode anytime that I am away from it besides just a quick trip to the fridge or bathroom. Each time since the update it has NOT rebooted itself. When I click any key on my keyboard the computer wakes up without delay. I also have noticed it boots up faster than it did after the last update.

I did something different grocery shopping yesterday and it paid off quite well. I live near a government commissary store, same distance just the opposite direction from the grocery store I normally shop at. Evidently with a new fiscal year, new funding or something ... their small store was stocked with more choices than I had seen in the 20 years living here. All the brand names that I buy were there, including some new ones.

I'll not go into detail but to give you an idea on the difference in prices across the board, these items show the type of savings I was getting on the same foods I buy on a regular basis.

1. Greek Gods Greek Yogurt is $4.95 at the store, I paid $3.15 yesterday
2. Tyson skinless chicken breasts are $4.50+, I paid $3.88
3. Seattle's Best Coffee is $5.50+ where I bought it before, $4.59 yesterday
         -- I bought the cheapest bag on the shelf with over 8 popular brands
              to choose from.
4. Veggies and Fruits were 50% less than I normally pay.
5. Two New York Strip Steaks in the past were $10-$12, yesterday $2.96

I walked out with $50 worth of food that is normally $80-$100.

It was hard to do at the start but cutting out fruits that have too much acid, plus all fruit juices has eliminated indigestion. I love oranges and orange juice so that was hard not to buy them. As I compare how I have been eating lately to the spreadsheet of foods I pulled from the book about eating foods based on your blood type ... their lists of foods on what to eat and what to avoid has proven to be very accurate in my case.

Not much else planned today. Skies are overcast but rain is not predicted until tomorrow. I think I'll take the Z4 out for a spin. Later this afternoon after the grass is dryer I'll mow the small areas of the yard that has tall, thick green grass.

The hounds will get another walk or two this afternoon. Heidi will pass those walks up also since it is below her 70° threshold and nowhere near her 65° minimum option.

Final 4 Championship game on Monday with MLB starting their season the day before on Sunday. Life is good as I move my sports addiction into the spring and summer months. Cargo shorts instead of jeans are about to begin.

April 11 will be my 3rd year anniversary of retirement here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana. It's all good.


  1. In answer to your question in the Comments of a couple posting ago: Yes, I can see my Comment postings using the Name/URL.

    I might add that April 11 date is very auspicious for me also.

    1. I finally found what you were talking about when you said "Name/URL" ... it's a profile on the drop down menu. I still do not know why it was not working before.