Friday, March 10, 2017

The Hounds Knew It Was Thursday

They all knew but as we went through the hound 'ear cleaning' exercise they didn't let on that I had just posted the wrong day in my title yesterday.

It wasn't until I looked at my email later last night, telling me I was getting comments on the blog post. Cat M was the first to let me know that I might be a little confused. She was nice in telling me that I had the wrong day. She could have hammered me and let me know that the International Date Line is out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and not in Indiana. Don't they have schools where you live?

Greg and Bethers also chimed in, giving me a break. Would posting it was Friday on a Thursday be classified as a 'senior moment' or too much partying when I was younger? Luckily I did have all the times correct for my basketball marathon. I didn't miss any games and finally turned off the tv around 2am after my last game. Today and tonight looks to be the same schedule.

Consequently we all started the day a little later today. Sadie was sure that we were going for a walk BEFORE I had any coffee. She assumed wrong. She talked Stella into coming back to the house after their short post breakfast trip outside.

It was nice to glance up slightly to the right corner of my computer monitor and see it was Friday and not Saturday or Sunday. Pretty convenient when the day of the week is 12" or so away from your eyes where you can see. What a concept that is.

As we started this morning's walk in 45° and a cold breeze coming from the north, I thought for a few seconds that I would let the hounds roam as they wanted while I walked the path. The smell of something burning in the air changed that ... there is a burn pit between my two neighbors where they burn trash the old fashion way. I didn't want Sadie nor Stella to head that direction.

By the time I took this picture I was sure I had a mutiny on my hands. Both were pretty far behind me and chomping on natural protein, dead leaves, or whatever faster than I could scarf down candy. I just turned and headed up the path.

In an instant Sadie ran up along side of me. She must have started her sprint as I turned away from her. She will rarely if ever wander off like Stella does.

I assumed that Stella would head to the woods with her new freedom this morning. She kind of veered that directly slightly but then headed toward the camera. Is it scent or sight that directed her my direction?

She has such a relaxed expression most of the time, outside and inside, that it is very hard at times for me to tell if she is feeling well or is something wrong with her. She does not seem as energetic as she was last spring.

As I walked I kept laughing about my mistake yesterday in the blog post.

Stella was enjoying her walk, at least I think she was. Her tail was wagging slightly while walking behind me. She caught up with Sadie and they headed for the corner of the field. I walked over in that direction to make sure I could keep her in the general direction. I didn't want Stella going into her new area today.

Sadie didn't really stop, just ran with her nose to the ground. A quick check of the field border. Or she had picked up a scent that was strong enough to keep her in motion.

It must have been a strong scent for Sadie because she took off to the center of the field leaving Stella behind. I only had three pictures to capture Sadie's tracking but she was all over the place, going back and forth in different directions.

For the rest of the walk both hounds walked behind me, too close to take pictures. Stella stayed on the worn path in her slow motion type walk. There were still a few places they needed to check out a little closer. It was another beautiful morning today. March is flying by and the outside 'to list' will be started within weeks I think.

Finally they decided it was time to go inside, eat lunch and take afternoon naps. They will assume all of the food I cooked this morning will be for them. Since they are bloodhounds they naturally think everything belongs to them. You can review the "Bloodhound Laws" on my right sidebar.

Cajun food is the basketball games diet today. I have cooked enough that the food should last me two days and nights of games. I could eat Cajun food everyday and been satisfied.

I don't know how but those dishes I spoke of the other day were done and the vacuum worked fantastic. So I am caught up with all that domestic stuff, rested for another 12 hours of basketball and the games are already on four different channels.

March is one of my favorite months for sports, with college basketball conference tournaments and a few days later the NCAA tournament.

The hounds of course will be able to fit in an afternoon walk between games. They will have multiple short breaks outside to check out the weather, for me to get the mail and check on the new grass seed I planted a few weeks ago. Will it survive the colder temps?

I'll admit though it does NOT feel like a Friday today in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana.


  1. Glad you got your days straightened out and had the correct times and day for your basketball marathon! :)

    We COULD have 2 to 3 inches of snow in the morning, and we can use any and all moisture we can get right now.

  2. Keep that "stuff" where you live :) ... we are in no needed of moisture of any kind.