Thursday, March 02, 2017

The Hounds Love The Interent

What do I mean the hounds love the internet??? Not really ... the hounds have no idea about the internet nor do they realize just how popular they are online and Facebook. All they care about is food and scents to track.

Their owner?  That's a different story. He doesn't love the internet but he is addicted to it. This morning proved my point once again.

There will be times when the weather is warmer and I have things to do outside where very little time will be spent in front of the computer screen. I have had days in the past where only 200Mb of data have been used in a 24 hour period. So maybe it's not really an addiction but more of a routine.

The hounds didn't mind what I was doing this morning while sitting in front of the computer monitor. Once we head outside they are always ready for another walk. Actually their excitement starts when they see me putting on my coat. Today the down parka was needed. I can't wait to get back to a t-shirt and cargo shorts.

Stella had to stop for a scratching session. This is happening too much lately and I wish I could find out the cause. No fleas or skin irritations have been found.

Once she stopped she was right up there with Sadie. They were really active in their walk this morning and stayed out ahead of me for most of the walk. A couple of times I wondered if they were going to take off on me.

Sadie was sure she had deer scent but her nose couldn't pick up deer near us. I wonder what she heard during the time she stood and stared motionless.

Stella was her happy-go-lucky self this morning. Nothing bothers her. I started to say that nothing excites her but then I remember the times she has chased deer baying all the way and the daily howls when breakfast / lunch are served.

Sadie locked into something strong and was moving so fast in all different directions I was barely able to catch her on camera. She was doing multiple figure eights.

Stella had other ideas, on her own path. I hope to see her ribs disappear in the coming weeks with the recent change in food and increased quantities.

At this point I was almost positive both hounds were going to take off on me. Sadie stopped for a short glance back at me and then took off again.

I yelled pretty loud to get them to stop. Once again they looked in the direction they wanted to go and then back at me. Both of them decided to meet me at the final turn toward home.

Sadie still had the whole field to work as we walked home. She was moving nonstop so the scents must have been strong this morning. The weather was crisp this morning. Although the sun was bright, you could not feel any warmth from it.

When Stella is looking this way, it's not so much what she sees but what she smells and hears.

She finally decided it was time to go home disappointed and there would be no deer chasing today, at least not this morning.

Sadie on the other hand was going to track stuff all the way to the house. Neither one stopped to eat anything again this morning. That is a nice change to the daily walks.

It's cold today, mid 30's but as you see it's beautiful again here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana.

Back to my internet discussion ... my plan today was to spend all day away from any electronics. No computer, no iphone, and no tv.

After the first 15 minutes or while making my morning coffee I thought to myself ... why?? What's the point?

The fact is I will do other things on the computer today while NOT connected to the internet. At the same time I have some questions today that I know a quick search on the internet will give me not only answers but a long list of sites where I can read more information.

The thought of 'taking the day off' from the internet might be from the book I am currently reading called The End of Absence by Michael Harris. I have not read that far into the book but it discusses the changing world of being constantly connected online and how to reclaim what we are losing or have lost.

I had another idea this morning of moving my blog to Wordpress. That did not work out well the last time I tried to move 6 years of posts. They have a different platform than Blogger, different coding. It is almost impossible to move to their .com site yet if I were to buy a domain and use their .org side of the house it's pretty easy to move everything. Yet it does work if you transfer a Wordpress blog to Blogger.

Just like everything else, I like parts of each blogging service and I dislike certain parts of each blogging service. So unless I get really bored today and decide not to read books I might give it another try and see what happens.

The hounds hope to get a 2nd walk in today. We only did one yesterday but with the sunshine out and the ground a little more solid instead of muddy ... chances are good for another walk later this afternoon. The late afternoon will bring warmer temps.

The sun is bright right now in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana.


  1. Ah, a nice crispy morning is so nice. I was melting today, by 9 am it was 87 and 1000% humidity. I went to get a GPS out of the car and it was like stepping into a sauna, not my idea of fun. It should be drier and cooler tomorrow and that would be nice. I checked weather at my home and it was -2 degrees at 6 am, so not heading back real soon.
    I still have a dumb phone and seldom even use it. I do spend a lot of time on my laptop reading blogs, watching youtube videos etc.

    1. You know? I think I'd like to try that hot humid and miserable feeling ... lol. I was thinking the other day I could almost go back to my flip phone I used last year and that would be enough. With my data limits I find that Youtube takes too much data so any of those I want to watch as to be between midnight and 5am when I get my free data period.

  2. You provided my laugh for the day: "I have had days in the past where only 200Mb of data have been used in a 24 hour period." That is what I set as my Daily Quota!

    1. My spreadsheets tell me I average .435Mb per day overall. That includes having an iPad and at times my iPhone using the Exede wifi. Yesterday I basically lived on the internet all day and a few hours into the night while looking at different Wordpress blogs and templates ... I used 700Mb and that included a lot of downloading of templates to look at. Plus I didn't wait until midnight for my free data period, to upload my daily photos to Google Photos and Flickr as backups.