Friday, May 12, 2017

Better Light In The Late Afternoon Walk

Sadie came sprinting from way out on the corner of the woods when she realized we were going on our 3rd walk of the day. I probably should start posting only pictures taken in the afternoon since the lighting is better and they look better. I let both of them do whatever they wanted on this walk. I didn't say a word to either one.

Trying some new changes on the blog ... see if you notice.


  1. My first (and second) wife always complained (complains) that I didn't (don't) talk. To them that wasn't (isn't) a compliment, to me silence is just normal. . .

  2. So, no comments from Steve throughout this post and NO new posts since?

    Silence IS Golden, but sometimes people want to hear the latest on the hounds, new cars or whatever else is going on. LOL ;)

    1. I found out once I attacked my 'to do' list just how little energy I had at the end of the day. Then insert 2-3 hound walks during that time the days got pretty short. I have to admit it has felt pretty nice just living instead of blogging ... sorry to my readers ... but it's the truth. It's been a nice break even though I am exhausted by the end of the day.

      Like everyone else, not every day is a good day and when that happens it's not stuff I'd like to blog about.

    2. I find it interesting there are not a lot of fans of the "photos only" post. By the feedback I received over the past year or two, it sounded as if readers came to the blog to look at the pictures of the hounds, more than anything else.