Friday, May 26, 2017

Sadie Looks For The New Black Cat

Sadie was on the prowl a little bit earlier than normal this morning because I was up and making coffee in the middle of the night. A few weeks ago while the bloodhounds and I were outside right before sundown, I saw a black cat walk across the corner of the north property line back into the field. Sadie has no doubts that same cat pays us a visit during night time hours.

I remember many years ago when I would hear my grandmother telling us she would be up wide awake at 3am most of the time. I found that hard to understand as a child or even older. Why would anyone want to get up that early??? 50 some years later I am finding my answer.

When you are a night person but go to bed at 10:30pm, you can expect an early wake up call ... but 4:30am was a little ridiculous this morning. Yet I was wide awake and making my two cups of coffee and telling the hounds "go back to sleep", which they did ... I didn't.

So right off the bat our morning routine had changed a little bit. I was able to slide my data usage over into that 2am-8am time slot where I have an extra 50Gb of data allowed for the month (billing period) and the hounds were able to sleep until their normal wake up time.

Since I house trained Sadie as a 12 week old pup to go out after her meals, she has followed that training every time she eats for the past 9 years as of this June. Today was no different but that is not the same for Stella and Heidi. They go back to sleep after their breakfast, Heidi on the bed and Stella behind my desk chair.

Sadie will always take off out into the field but never past that first corner of the woods and rarely, if ever toward the neighbors house. The good thing is, unlike Stella, she will come running whenever I call her. I let her out on her own this morning but could see from the window she was no where in view inside that tall grass.

As I called, I barely saw the tip of her tail moving through the field coming from the middle of the field out toward the corner. If it was going to be like her recent routine she would come running through the wet hay/weeds at the north corner pole of the property line. She did ... but a strong scent stopped her in her tracks.

The black cat ???

She went in circles, zig zagged, then back along the edge of the mowed lawn tracking that cat scent and finally headed my direction when I said "come on".

Sorry about the darkness of all the photos but they were taken before 7am and even with a light adjustment, they did not look better with more light.

I swear the field and my yard are growing by the hour. I just mowed the yard a few days ago and it looks like I will be mowing it again today, no later than tomorrow. I am a huge Indy500 race fan but it looks like a lot of sitting time on Sunday with 75% change of thunderstorms. Another reason to get the yard mowed before Sunday.

I am betting the race will be postponed and will be ran under the sunny skies on Monday. It will not matter to me since I'll be sitting on my couch instead of at the race. I've spent more than enough time at that track during practice, time trials and one race where it rained and you waited hours for the track to dry.

Speaking of lawns, Jon Katz over at his blog Bedlam Farm is trying something with his lawn that I have thought about in the past but never had the guts to try. As tall as the hay gets near my yard in back I am not sure it's the right thing for me to do. Let me know what you think of his idea to mow around the edges a few laps but let the yard grow into a field.

I am loving this new computer with the Fusion drive. As the new computer is used, it will index itself and becomes even faster and will not reach it's optimum speed/performance until a few weeks from now. All my photos download from the camera to the computer instantly, while uploading to the blogs much faster than the normal time.

Who knows, the Retina display may add a few good years to my eyes based on the amount of time I spend on a computer reading or working on Excel spreadsheets. No matter why it's a huge improvement over a very good picture I had from the LED monitor.

I am settled again with no computer crisis. I have plans to sell the older stuff and all of my Apple 'toys' are synchronizing information as designed.

I am going to try to get Heidi out for a photo shoot later today for the blog. I might have to carry her outside since she has been pretty lazy while waiting for those hot summer temps in the high 70's, just not near 70. I'll probably post again later today even if she has other plans.

My photo from the past is May 2004. I met up with a new friend near the Arkansas Recreation area in southern Colorado to do a couple of days of camping. I was driving the tan Panel Van (just purchased) from Salt Lake City, UT to here in 'the tropics'. Dave had bought the green bus from me and converted it to a camper.

We did not know each other until the purchase, site unseen. It was sitting in a junk yard in Truth or Consequences, NM after I blew the engine a few miles north on I-25. It was my very first VW Bus purchase, off eBay in Tucson. He picked it up and towed it back over the mountains to his home, where he rebuilt the engine and told me what happened.

The weather continues to be beautiful here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Like the VW panel. Cool looking ride. That black cat is providing lots of entertainment.

    1. I bought the van from a guy in Salt Lake that had a very respected carb business for VWs. He installed duel Weber's and a 1641cc engine. It would cruise smooth on the freeway at 75mph with room to spare. It was a great vehicle and hated getting rid of it. I saw it online a few years after I sold it with an asking price of 4x what I sold it for.

      I've seen the black cat in person only that one time but from the daily bloodhound nose activity in the carport, the drive and near the house I am sure she/he are paying us night time visits as it hunts. One thing good about these field cats that I do not own, they take care of any field mice. I can't remember the last time I caught a mouse inside the house.