Sunday, May 07, 2017

Sadie & Stella Don't See The Deer !!!

It started like any other day .... mmmm, not really but that is a different story and a different post. As the water slowly recedes from the fields, the sun is out and the temperature is perfect this morning. Excitement was to follow with shocking results !!!

After being up until 4am trying different things to fix my iMac, that was still freezing up a few times even while I was not connected to the internet (a test), we didn't start our day until about an hour later than normal. Sadie of course started her detailed inspection of the yard for last night's activity.

Stella sat in the driveway contemplating her plans for the day and if she was willing to get her paws wet if she walked out into the grass. She didn't go any further than this and turned around to follow me when I headed back inside. It was only 8:30am but it was really nice outside.

About 3 hours into my reformatting, reinstalling my macOS Sierra and all my files (different blog post later), I decided it was the perfect time to take our first morning walk in a while. While the computer worked installing the macOS onto the erased and clean hard drive, we headed outside. Sadie was so excited, she took off ... but not for the reason you would think, by this blog post title.

Stella followed the path ahead of me and in fact ahead of Sadie too. It was a great morning to be walking. I was going to let the hounds have their freedom to do what they wanted, but not until I had Stella move past that first corner.

This is where the excitement started and what the hounds missed !!!!  I glanced up just in time to see the first of five deer. Stella never saw the five different deer jumping out of the gully and sprinting for their escape into the corn field in back. They took off one by one, slow enough for Sadie to catch them ... but ....

They were both too interested in finding and eating fresh natural protein, most likely deer scat. Now remember the bloodhound's DNA is to "smell and flush deer out of bushes or woods" and in the past they have taken off immediately as fast as they could run after them, but not today. I was shocked at their response.

Deer #2, even gave me time to focus and take it's picture ... you see Stella not even lifting her head.

Deer #3 was a little bigger and a lot faster. This is along the back edge of the field about where we turn to come home. As usual the deer jumped over that small hidden fence into the not yet plowed corn field.

Deer #4 actually walked out from the gully and did not really take off running until halfway to that point of escape the other deer took. Still ... no response from either bloodhound!!

Deer #5 was about the same way. Started out into the field walking, then took off.

Sadie finally realized what was going on and took off sprinting but no baying or barking. Stella is still chowing down on her diet supplement. She is usually the first one howling and sprinting in deer chases. It was shocking to see no response at all from her.

By this time Sadie did not have a chance in catching any of the deer, they were long gone. She was running as fast as she could. You can barely see her just a little right and above center. Some deer turned to go into the field behind this one, while others followed that path north, past the large power tower and then into the woods.

Stella still has not moved with all of this excitement going on. I still cannot believe it.

Sadie realized she had missed them but at least she had seen the last one. She decided the best thing she could do was to backtrack their path and see where she made the mistake.

For what had gone on, she still was not showing her normal "deer excitement" that I have seen in the past.

Stella had no idea what she had missed. She slowly walks to catch up with Sadie.

That is until she found more to eat. Sadie knows which direction the deer came from and she is going to find out if there are any more deer headed her way. I couldn't tell her they were all gone for today and maybe even for months.

Stella still eats and has no clue she missed the deer that she loves to chase.

Sadie is still searching for what she missed.

Stella finally figures out something is going on and takes off running to meet Sadie. I continue to walk the path and enjoying the day.

Yes, at some time recently there were probably more than one deer where they are sniffing but that was long ago and the deer are gone without being chased.

Stella finally picks up their scent and shows some urgency ...

They both head back home and a day of excitement for me at least, turned out to be a normal 'walk in the park' to them. As I type this an hour later I still cannot believe they deer were right under their noses, without an immediate response.

I had to use the 200mm zoom to catch this, just to show you how far away Stella is from me. She is not wanting to chase missed deer though ... she is wanting to go to the neighbor's wooded area where the big blonde cat hangs out.

They decided there was nothing else to do but to head home and wait for lunch to be served.

We will definitely get another walk in later this afternoon. With as many files I have to transfer back to my cleaned hard drive, I'll not have access to my iMac until later this afternoon. This is my last try to fix the issue that crashed my computer on Thursday and if this doesn't work I have two options.

1.  Buy a new iMac, which I am probably due for after 6-1/2 years of use. I don't have enough RAM and my hard drive is 60% full. My 2 year old laptop teases me about buying a new desktop computer, with its faster processor, more RAM and bigger hard drive .... all of this blogging process is much faster on this newer computer.

2.  Save some money and connect this laptop to my 27" monitor and use this as my main computer, with a 2Tb external drive as the main hard drive.

3. Move my large Photos Library to an external drive and reconfigure the setting where the Apple Photos program will used the library file on the external drive as the main source. Then delete the current library file from the internal hard drive, free up ~260Gb or over half of my iMac hard drive.

It's late and Stella wants lunch ... I have to go. She is lucky that her food quantity is not based on deer performance. LOL

I'll write about my computer information update in a different post for those that are interested.

A beautiful day here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana.

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