Friday, May 05, 2017

The Rain Has FINALLY Stopped !!

I've seen the water levels much higher than now, a few years ago, but I am not sure that was worse than now. The standing water in back of my house was more than my underground drainage system could handle. It just shows how much water is moving underground in the field, which slopes towards my property. Yet ... THE RAIN HAS FINALLY STOPPED !!

For the first time in two days, Sadie and Stella walked out into the field. It will still be too wet to take any walks today and maybe even tomorrow since it's suppose to start raining again after midnight before blowing out of the area for a few days.

Sadie didn't stay long but was able to explore a little in the field. About all she was doing was finding that one spot that all dogs look for when they have dump their tanks.

It is May 5th and this is not what I had in mind for my May weather. Wasn't it just a week or so ago where we were touching the mid 70's and thought summer was right around the corner?? I am not a fan of this kind of weather.

By last night I think we can officially say the wild yellow mustard flowers (weeds) are gone. It will be interesting to see just how long it will take to dry that field out enough where heavy tractors, and planters can work there.

That same field runs up next to the highway. All water, but it still did not crest and go over the highway like it did in June 2008. I've seen hard rain fill my culverts and flood my driveway near the highway but nothing like that happened this week.

I think it's safe to say all of that work they did early in getting their field fertilized and planted before May 1st is now a tax write off as a loss. That water also stretches to the right where the majority of the field is located.

This is from yesterday afternoon. The rain had let up enough for the hounds to take a break outside. I was going to pull out the 3-step ladder I have and reach over the top of the gutter to unplug whatever was blocking the downspout. That was not why it was flooded, the downspout was not plugged and all I heard was large amount of water flowing down from the gutter.

It takes a lot of rain to get to the point. I have 6" black corrugated drainage pipe that runs the full length of the house in back right below the edge of grass and rock/gravel toward the bank.

Again, when the top of the driveway gets this flooded, there has been a lot of rain going on.

Yet Sadie was happy to be back outside. I had to call her to come back in from the field. Stella was already standing at the door wanting back inside. Heidi was still hibernating inside her Marmot sleeping bag.

I was still having some problems with Google Chrome today. I find it's a common problem after looking on Google search ... it was freezing when I tried to scroll on a webpage and preventing any kind of curser movement. So as a test I decided to read and find out how to clean up the files inside my Safari browser. I stopped using it months ago because it was corrupted and was deleting all of my bookmarks each time I turned it off.

It was a quick fix, deep inside 'Library' system files where Apple does not want users to go. Safari is now my default browser again, not freezing my computer and not using as much data as Google Chrome based on what my Activity Monitor is showing. It is also very fast loading the pages.

Here on top of the hill we don't have it bad at all compared to other people in the local area. With one of the main rivers in the state of Indiana running outside of town, many people have had their homes flooded, bridges and roads are closed due to being under water. It's times like these that I am happy we lived about 80' up on a hill.

Hard to believe it's Friday. It's been a strange week to say the least. I hope to pull the ladder out of the shed and get up on the roof later this afternoon. I saw this morning some small sticks sticking up from inside my front gutter. That is what is causing all of that water to come over the front edge into the mulch I have in front of the carport.

It's extremely wet here in 'the tropics' of southern Indiana but at least the rain has stopped.


  1. Nature is really unexpected!

    1. You are right. They may forecast the weather but things can change fast. It's nice to see the sunshine right now as I type this.

  2. That is a lot of water, hopefully it starts drying up soon. We are still getting the wonderful sunshine and 60 degree temps here. This is Minnesota so I know it won't last. :)

    1. A light rain this morning with signs it rained between 3am and 8am. Suppose to stop by 11:15am today and we will be seeing sunshine for a couple of days straight. Like Minnesota, I hope this weather doesn't last either. LOL