Saturday, June 03, 2017

Heidi's Friday Afternoon

Most activity around here usually picks it's pace up right after the hounds have their lunch. Even I become more motivated to get things done inside and outside of the house that are on my 'to do' list. With the temperature well into the 80's by noon on Friday ... Heidi headed to the backyard with the Sadie and Stella instead of her normal path to the front yard. That's a good sign for her.

After dumping her tanks just a few steps into the field, she scampered back to a certain spot and laid down in the grass that I just mowed on Thursday afternoon. As I sat in a chair taking these pictures I could feel just how hot the sun was ... my kind of weather.

Stella seems to like the heated stone just a much as she like the heated grass ... either one is perfect for napping.

Heidi thought so too.

It's not often that Sadie will sit or lay in one place when she is outside since she is always on the move. Friday afternoon's hot temps may have placed a factor.

Stella had already decided she was going to sleep while Sadie, Heidi and I took pictures.

Sadie is giving me the look, telling me it's too hot and she wants to go back inside.

Once Sadie started walking toward the door, Stella woke up and Heidi jumped up to follow us to the house. I had already loaded up my one container of recyclable ... paper, cardboard, plastic ... so it was time to make a trip to the recycling center. Heidi decided to come along for the ride as long as I kept the windows down.

It's the first time she has ridden in the Mini Countryman and the first time the car will get some hound dog initiation with some left over drool. She found that door handle to be the perfect place to lay her head and her nose on the edge of the window as we drove down the highway.

It was easy to wipe off and in the future I will not wait for drool to dry before cleaning it up. By the time we were back inside and I let the bloodhounds into the rest of the house ... all three hounds took their afternoon siestas. I went back to playing that addicting 2048 Tiles app game.

It's was good taking off a day from house maintenance tasks.


  1. I wish you could find out what is wrong with Stella. She is soooooo thin.

  2. It is so similar to Heidi's mysterious weight loss and she was even worse than Stella. All test checked out, 4 different vets had different opinions and nothing worked. Then just as mysterious she regained all of her weight back she lost two years ago and now looks better than ever.

    I don't have the same confidence that will happen with Stella. Her breeder and original owner told me Stella's mom died of cancer. I am feeding her 2x as much kibble as I was before and at times boiled chicken breast. I am afraid she is seriously ill.

  3. This makes me sad. She is such a cool dog.

    1. With her bloodhound demeanor it's hard sometimes to tell if she is just normal or feeling bad. She will still sit tall and proud inside like her pictures of two years ago. She will wag her tail when I ask her questions and she howls before every meal ... those are the good parts.

      It's when I see her a year ago where I think something is seriously wrong. Then I remember how bad Heidi looked, all skin and bones, lethargic for months if not longer than a year ... then did a complete reversal and is back to her old self and looking better than every.

      Heidi's experience gives me hope about Stella.