Thursday, June 29, 2017

Here Comes The Heat

It did not take long this morning before that 'sticky' humid feeling showed up. We are out of those great days of weather into the high 80's ... that will still be great to me but Stella may not think so.

We had another late start of the day so our first walk didn't happen until after 10am. Can hounds tell time? I'm not sure but Sadie was willing to wait until I had my normal two cups of coffee before she came and stared at me while I sat at my computer.

Instead of heading left on her walk, Stella moved up behind me and followed Sadie along the edge of the woods ... with a little trot to her step today. Both of them were long gone by the time I made that first turn. Evidently they had something they needed to get to before I got there.

You can bet that I will never try to taste it but I wonder if deer scat taste to the hounds like ice cream tastes to me? I know, weird question but one I thought of while I walked toward them to 'herd' them into a different direction. You have to wonder because they love it.

It was funny that as soon as I moved them in the right direction to continue our walk, they took off trotting right past the rolls of hay and way in front of me. I thought they might test me by heading to the no fly zone but they stood and waited for me to make the final turn home.

I felt the way Stella looked ... it was already feeling hotter than the past week or so, humidity was here and the AC will be back to running full steam by noon.

From the time we woke up, the winds have been really strong today from the south. The only problem having the windows open is those winds are blowing warm air and not the cool breezes we have enjoyed the past week or so.

In the meantime Heidi will continue her record breaking sleeping during the daylight hours. She will not be sitting outside today like yesterday ... too hot.

This will give you some idea about the strong winds.

As Stella walked back in the yard to end the first walk of the day, her plan was to have some water, then sleep until lunch is served. She has a pretty stress free life just like any other bloodhound.

By 1pm the winds were still whipping around at 15mph from the south, it was hotter with Stella and Heidi only staying outside long enough to dump their tanks. Sadie was begging to go for a walk but it was too soon after her lunch and hotter than I wanted to be in.

The AC system kicked on early afternoon and have been keeping the inside of the house nice and cool. I jumped from book to book but couldn't find the words that interested me. The internet had nothing to offer and I wasn't in the mood to sleep the afternoon away. My DVR had automatically taped some shows I have set up so I watched those. Those one hour shows are really reduced when you can fast forward through the commercials.

I'll try more Reds baseball tonight but I can't see much more happening besides that. Maybe a movie.

I was going to wait until after 7pm before we walked again but Sadie was not into waiting any longer.  We headed out around 5:30 and within 100' Stella had decided it was too hot with her tongue almost dragging the ground. Sadie on the other hand was in heaven and was running all over the field. Nothing bothers her.

A pretty slow day today here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. We had a rainy low 50's day and I binge watched the newest season of Home Land on Showtime via Amazon Prime. My Verizon hot spot has given me 96 Gig of high speed data and I have 11 days left on this month. We are in for more rain, so I may do another binge if I find a show I like. Been using the heat a lot this Summer.

    1. I need to check Verizon which I use for my iPhone's data most of the time. I pay for only 2Gb per month because I wifi into the home service most of the time. Like Ed asked, how much do you get per month and at what cost? I pay Hughes $64 for 20Gb and a 6 hour window where I can used their 50Gb they give me as a bones.

  2. Zippy,
    How do you get 96GB from Verizon, what does it cost you? You say you have 11 days left on this month so you get 96GB every month? I get 6GB a month so your plan is equal to 16 months for me. I'm not sure what I would do with 96GB/month but it would not be watching videos although more than 6 would be nice.

    1. Hi Ed. After a big boondoggle ( my stupidity ) I now have two free low budget smart phones on unlimited data plan for $89 a month including taxes. Their idea of Unlimited is 10 Gig fast on each phone and then like other carriers slow internet for rest of month. However they do not slow down data, my luck or whatever. So after a binge on Showtime DONAVAN last night, I am now up to 104 Gig used. I just looked at stats and it says I have not touched my 10 Gig fast asset. Must just be a fault in their system or perhaps watching movies does not use fast data. Happy with it for now.