Wednesday, July 05, 2017

A Great Deer Sighting ... Right In Front Of Us

Sadie is not looking for rain but suspects mole traffic in that part of the yard. She is right as it's pretty 'swampy' over there as I mow the yard. Last week thunderstorms were in the forecast starting yesterday. Didn't happen. They have been moved out to this afternoon so will will find out if Sadie gets her walk or not.

The only routine not normal this past week or so has been the times we take our first walk of the day. A few weeks ago it was at 8am and the past few days it's been near 11am. Sleeping with the windows open has my sinuses plugged by 3am so it takes a while to get to sleep.

Stella actually trotted pretty fast this morning to catch up with Sadie. They had found very strong scent in this area. It was strong enough that both hounds disappeared into the heavy green brush. Instead of standing there taking photos of their disappearance I took off running toward them yelling "No".

I forgot to mention the other day as we started an afternoon walk I heard a large loud cracking sound and then a tall large tree falling amongst the other trees. I have yet to find which tree it was so I can get some pictures of it ... the sound was loud and eery enough for me to look at the tree tops to see if one was heading my direction.

I can't see that Stella is gaining weight since her last weigh-in at the vet in June. When I pet her she still feels pretty skinny, much like Heidi use to feel. Now Heidi is getting big enough that I might have to put her on a low cal diet.

Evidently most of the July 4th celebrations were done over the weekend for families. I took the Z4 out for a short drive and ended up driving though a couple of small local towns and both places had parks that were completely empty. I was curious enough to check to see when they had fireworks in the town I live in and also a large parade in a town nearby.

Fireworks were last night for the town I live in. I usually see them from the house but not this year, too many trees in the 3-4 mile distance. The big parade also took place yesterday on the 4th.

The drive was nice but with the top down you could feel the heat in the air as the Z4 cut through the mugginess. Yet, it's summer in the Midwest so nothing different should be expected. It's nice the bugs and mosquitoes have disappeared.

I let Stella do what she wanted today. No 'herding' her with me constantly saying "come on". I had a feeling on our way back that she would eventually start heading our way and that is what happened. By that time it was hot enough that Sadie had stopped roaming and was walking right next to me.

Once Stella figured out we were headed home, back inside that cold air conditioned house, she became somewhat motivated and trotted for a few steps.

You can always tell by looking at her face and seeing the pace of her walk, just how hot it really is.

I could tell after a late lunch for the hounds nothing was in store for this afternoon. With rain on the way and a lack of good sleep last night, what a perfect time for a siesta. Heidi made it outside long enough to be caught in a some photos.

The summer sunshine has not killed the cut weeds on the driveway like it has in the past. I think long time readers can see that Heidi has filled out quite well compared to a picture a couple of years ago after she had lost 13 of her 45 pounds.

 I can see it's time for her bath. Still, no itching, no raw spots on her skin.

After a pretty long siesta this afternoon, we woke up to no signs of rain. The radar was showing storms all around us but nothing major.

I wasn't sure I was going to post anything tonight. It was getting late and what I had posted and saved before lunch didn't sound like much after I read it. I was so low energy that I had decided that Sadie was not even going to get her 2nd walk of the day.

It must have been the heat and humidity I felt on the first walk that killed that idea.

Then things changed. Pretty close to 8pm I decided that Sadie and I would sneak out of the house for the short 12 minute walk. Heidi was sound to sleep and I've had the feeling for a while that Stella is in pain her 2nd and 3rd walks of the day, maybe not, just a gut feeling.

So Sadie and I took off for a fast paced walk. Final time was about 5 minutes faster than normal. I didn't take the camera with me. With overcast skies and only one hound, I didn't see a reason to carry the camera. I wanted to get back as soon as possible to see if Stella found any of my fruit, or if her nose got her into anything.

We were on our way back on the walk, not quite to what I call the first turn when a large deer jumped out of the woods behind the neighbors house and sprinted across the middle of the field not more than a 100' in front of me.

Sadie didn't notice as she was way behind me eating something she had found. It was another time I wish had a camera with me since it was one of the best shots of a deer running I've seen since living here ... it was that close.

As I post this at 8:33pm, it has not rained yet and the experts are saying sometime after midnight the skies will open up.

Still a nice day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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