Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hounds Enjoy Another Quiet Weekend

I spoke about a lot of plans yesterday, at least a lot for me. I'm surprised to say I finished everything I wanted to and the perfect time to get things done since it's much hotter today. Those two pictured above supervised the trimming of the Yews on Saturday.

Even though we have not been getting any rain in this local area that does mean all the rain north of us doesn't affect the farmers. Due to all the flood waters moving south from Indianapolis this guy has lost his field of soybeans ... again. Even west of town where the fields are flat and large, they have lost a 2nd crop of corn and soybeans with their fields under water. That is the same field I called the "Field of Yellow" this past spring.

With a mowed yard you can see just how fast the field is growing. Stella looked like she was going to go on her own walk this morning without me and Sadie.

But she slowly circled around and headed our direction on her own. I kept on eye on her while I walked in case she headed for the neighbor's woods.

After Stella circled back and got on the path, she slowly passed up Sadie who's nose to almost too active with her stopping about ever three feet. No body was moving too fast today after the day of constant activity on Saturday.

I got over 10,000 steps in, two hound walks, mowed the yard, cut weeds with the weed eater, trimmed the yews on the left side and cut them back on the right side. By 2pm I was drenched in sweat and needed large amounts of ice cold ice tea plus plain water to revive myself.

Sadie was very very happy with all the new scents she had to investigate this morning. Heidi??  Of course back in bed sleeping.

It's nice to take these morning walks while it's still in the low 60's.

As I suspected ... they planted soybeans without me seeing or hearing them do it.

I was surprised to see the moon was still out as I was looking at the sky as I walked.

The yews have reached a height that may be problems in the future. In the past I have been able to cut all of them with electric trimmers but not yesterday. You'll notice all the thick stems I had to cut one at a time with my tree pruning tool. Will that mean there will be only more thicker stems as the yews get older? I also cut them back 20" or two boards lower on the house siding.

Due to the highway being only 100' away I have tried to train all my hounds not to go into the front yard to prevent any chance of them seeing a rabbit or have an urge to take off running toward traffic. Heidi is the exception because she likes to lay in the sunshine in the front along with dumping her tanks.

So while I walk back up the 80' hill on the driveway, Sadie and Stella watch me and make sure I make it back okay. They want to make sure I'll be around to feed them and let them in/out a 1,000 times per day.

It has been another great weekend with a lot of things being finished.

With all of the work I completed this weekend I can feel an afternoon siesta is scheduled today right after the Reds game is over. It's hard to stay awake inside with three hounds sound to sleep and one of them snoring loudly.

All is good here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. OK, what have you done??

    Or is that an old photo. I can't tell if the sticker on the tag is a 15/16 or could it be an 18?

  2. If I remember correctly you are very very good at investigation and analysis. It's disappointing to see that I have you confused. LOL ... all your answers are in this blog. Keep looking.

  3. Love the photo of Sadie & Stella standing together. It is absolutely the best yet of the two of them. They are such beautiful girls. Wish Heidi had made an appearance...

    1. Thank you. Yes they are quite the pair and overall a good move to decide to go get Stella in August 2015. With the hot weather Heidi has lost interest again in going outside much. She will go out long enough to relieve her system but runs back to the door for air conditioning as soon as she is finished. I'll try to get some pictures of her today and post them later.

  4. I do hope that is an old keep sake photo of your FJ. Pics looked great tonight

    1. I've been adding a little more editing to my pictures lately, such as more color. Apple Photos (same as Windows PC's My Pictures) has an 'enhance' button that will add color and change all the finer settings for a better picture but at times it does not add enough color in hazy condition. As far as the FJ .... hmmmm.