Saturday, July 15, 2017

Looks Like A Busy Saturday Is On The Way

After a long session of sleep Friday night, all of us were up at the crack of dawn this morning. I think the coffee might taste better when it's made before the sun comes up. That meant our first walk of the day was made a minute after 8am and with the field shaded most of the way, the heavy dew soaked through my hiking boots to my socks. I can tell it's going to be a busy day today.

That is one reason I posting early this morning. With the high temps predicted to be down to 82° and grass growing tall enough to mow by noon, I can see even more things checked off my list by the end of the day.

After getting Stella headed in the right direction, she looked a little gimpy this morning. I have always suspected her rear legs/hips were giving her problems, possibly from getting older. (8 yrs). Places she use to be able to jump up on were not possible yesterday. She would put her front paws on the edge but never attempted to jump or climb.

I think you can see from the fast growing field, just how saturated the grass was this morning. Stella had to lick the dew that was dripping from her nose. Her ears were also getting wet when her nose was to the ground.

As fast as they both turned the corner and trotted down the edge of the field I was sure that deer were either in the area or had been there just before our arrive. They turned to head to the rolls of hay instead of turning right into the far right corner where the deer like to hang out.

They continued their investigation on the back edge of the field as they moved around the rolls of hay and over to the edge of the grass, following what is likely the same path the deer take.

On the way back when Stella got into this pose I was positive she was smelling or hearing the field cat near the woods. Once she curled her tail with her nose high in the air I thought she might take off running in that direction. Luckily she turned and walked with Sadie and I when I said "over here".

Sadie and Stella angled across the middle of the field away from my path, to end their walk by the north side of the yard. Could this be the path for the field cats while the hounds sleep?

It has to be because they both spent enough time in this area of the yard that I was able to go inside the house, load the SD card into the computer, go back outside and called them to "come on".

I thought of letting the yard grow a little longer so it might repair some damage caused by yard moles and the hot July sunshine. I don't use a grass catcher and I don't like leaving small piles of grass left by the mower due to excess amounts of cut grass ... so most likely today will be mowing day.

I also plan to cut by the Japanese Yews by a 1/3 of their height. I just trimmed them at the end of May and they have grown so fast this summer they need to be trimmed again. With it being cooler today it will be a good time to get that done. When I have to trim them more than once per summer, I feel like getting rid of them.

If my motivation continues then I'll end the afternoon with some domestic tasks that I always put off till the end.

I'll discuss my experiences so far using the Circular Polarizing lens filter late ... but I'm find it hard to focus it to the 'sweet spot' and still catch the action shot of the hounds, even though they are slow movers most of the time.

The beautiful weather continues here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. It is only used to remove washout from the bright Sun. I would not use it in the morning or evening. If you do keep it on, turn it until everything is bright and it will not affect the pic ( not much anyway.) I carry a UV filter with me to swap out when taking low light or indoor pics. It take a bit of time to learn the filter, but it is a very useful tool on bright Sunny days. Glad you were in the dew and not me, I hate that stuff. Brings back childhood memories from the farm. I used to think, why can't farming start at noon when the dew is gone. Guess that is one reason I liked raking hay and bailing, it was after all dew was gone.

    1. When slowly turning the lens to find that sweet spot most of the time I have to point to the sky to see a difference. From what you are telling me today, it explains why I am having such a hard time seeing a difference because I have tried using it on our morning walks and sometimes in the late afternoon. I am not a fan of the dew either. I hate getting my feet wet. Sometimes shaded areas of the field are still wet after 12 noon.