Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Hounds Slept Through The Afternoon

I can't tell you just how fast our afternoon went. The only thing different than yesterday, was that I stayed awake all afternoon ... but hounds didn't. Stella slept next to my chair, Sadie moved to the bedroom on her dog bed in the corner and Heidi went back to the floor next to the air condition register right after her lunch break.

I spent all afternoon looking at Toyota FJ's on cars.com When I didn't find anything I liked within a 250 mile range, I move moved it out to "all" ... nationwide. That would increase my chances of finding the one with all the TRD options I had before but less chance of buying one because I wouldn't travel that far to buy one. It listed 296 for sale but only 2 of them had TRD options.

At lunch, Sadie never got further than the 6 blocks before she turned around and walked toward the door. It wasn't even raining, no thunder, just a lack of interest.

I couldn't find Heidi in the front yard nor the backyard ... I walked all the way in front of the house to find her on the north side where the overcast skies made it even darker under the shade of the trees.

I spoke recently of 'ground surge' ... here is a fine example. 20 years ago this water meter was sitting at ground level with the top of the lid so exposed I would have to mow around it. So my whole front yard has slid toward the highway gradually.

I spent so much time on the computer today looking at cars I needed a break. My Garmin VivoSmart3 told me numerous times to "MOVE" but I kept ignoring that vibrating warning and the word covering my screen on my wrist. By 4:30pm I was ready for a walk myself and was pretty sure that Stella and Sadie would want to go with me.

While Sadie moved along the edge of the woods like always, Stella once again tried to sneak off toward the neighbor's wooded area. She will ignore my calls at first and then decide to join us.

These berries are looking good but they are not mine to pick. My neighbor who owns the field will take his wife with him on their ATV and pick them in a few weeks. I bet they make some great pies.

Sadie and I were so involved with our walk after making the first turn, we did not realize that AGAIN ... Stella tried to sneak over to that wooded area. Once she heard me yell her name she turned and walked toward us. I guess I should let her go so she will get it out of her system. She has disappeared into that woods only once when she saw the large blonde cat.

She trotted a little again this afternoon. The temperature is much cooler today, mid 70's but the humidity is up and it feels just as sticky outside if not a little more than yesterday ... it's tempting to open the windows but the AC feels awfully good when we step in the house after being outside.

Like I have said before ... I like every car or truck I've ever owned and wished I had them all. I like those FJ's but have also thought about a Toyota Tacoma Dbl Cab ... they tow 6,500 pounds. If I didn't care a lot about towing I'd take a serious look at this 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara I saw online today. It's on the same car lot where I bought my blue FJ. Yet, that jeep only tows 3,500 pounds.

I like what I have though and don't really want to trade the Countryman. I don't want to sell the Z4 either ... so really nothing will be done, I just like to look. It's the same way when I look at houses for sale.

I'll tune into the MLB All-Star game after the game starts ... that will be 10-15 minutes after it comes on tv I guess. I hate all the pregame glitz they have to have so I'll leave the tv off during that time.

I am not sure if Heidi is going to walk in the field again. I thought she'd be interested once they cut it but anymore when I ask her if she wants to walk with us, all she does is roll over to get her belly rubbed. She has no interest in going outside to walk.

Another quiet afternoon here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana today.


  1. Slow day here also. Overcast and cool, but no rain. Spent my day putting mechanical and airplane pics on an SD card to send to my oldest brother as he is recovering from an operation. He was an engineer and likes ships, subs, trains, power plants and aircraft. I do too and take many pictures. The place he is in has no internet, but he can look at pics on his Chrome Book.

  2. It is hotter than hot this morning. Electric company is installing a 2nd parallel system to a road that goes across the creek. They warned me power was going down for an hour and half while they worked. Luckily the landscaping biz put a stop to that and negotiated with them to do that work at 6:30am tomorrow. This is the hottest it has felt yet this summer and it's not noon yet.

    That's a great idea about sending photos to your brother. Check your email after bit, I have some things you might like.