Friday, July 07, 2017

What A Hot Afternoon Walk Looks Like

Sometimes it's best when the hounds don't get their way and a little adult supervision (me) is enforced. I let them have their way most of the time but they are never out of control ... they are actually quiet hounds.

So I followed their lead and what they wanted this afternoon. I think the pictures will show the story why it was probably not a good idea to take a walk at 4pm even with 16mph winds from the southwest.

It was too hot ... even for me.

I tried to tell them it was too hot to take a walk.

The Japanese Yews were a poor choice for shrubs so close to the house. A friend recommended them at that time I was looking for something that stayed green all winter and was soft to touch. After reading more about the size and what these things turn into, I plan on talking them all out. The only decision right now is whether to replant them in the fall on the south edge of the yard to grow and block the view toward the white house ... or take them out now and add them to the burn pile.

Even if I move them they will grow to 10'-20' tall and wide unless I cut them back.

Back to more reading and planning ... and I think we are finished walking the hounds anymore today.  LOL


  1. Nice pics of your hot dogs. We had to use heat again today and rains have returned for a few days.

    1. Thanks. They were more than happy when they got back inside cold rooms of the house. It didn't take them long to fall back to sleep. Is the weather your having normal for this time of year? If finally rained hard here last night for 15 minutes.