Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Hounds Relax On Sunday

Sunday afternoon after their lunch kibble all the hounds went outside to enjoy another great day in 'the tropics'. It was cool enough yet warm to sit outside for as long as we wanted ... so we did. When Heidi walks toward the backyard on her own I know she wants to spend some time soaking up the rays.

Each of them sniffed around to make sure it was safe while identifying most likely, the cat that visits during the night while the hounds and I sleep. I've seen two different cats cross this area since March. I guess that is why my mouse traffic is nonexistent this summer.

It didn't take Stella longer than 2 minutes to literally 'flop' on the ground for a short siesta under the sun, one of her most favorite things to do.

Once she heard the small automatic beep of the Nikon when the autofocus locked in she raised her head as if to ask me what was going on ... since she was trying to sleep.

She tried it again.

Sadie rarely lays down outside. Her nose will lead her to the field, always active and always into something ... unless she is inside enjoying the AC, then she will lay down to sleep.

Heidi moved into the same spot she always takes. It just past 'Winston's Patio'. She lifted her nose a few times to enjoy the breeze from the southwest, but never laid her head down. She just sat there enjoying the sunshine. What is really strange, since the Yews have been removed she never goes to the front yard. That is where she would go all the time to dump her tanks and sit in the sunshine.

Just as I predicted, Sadie moved out to the field ... I decided to turn my chair so I could get the perfect angle with sun to work on my 'farmers tan'. I don't so that for long but just enough to give me some color so I can show myself I have a little more than just a pulse, that I am alive.

I use to live on the beach in Carlsbad California when I worked 3rd shift in a night audit/computer job ... all on purpose, so I could spend all day at the beach. I use to go through 7-9 layers of skin on my nose. I can't remember if the sunscreen with a rating was invented in the late 1970's. I remember the white zinc oxide paste was the choice for blocking the sun.

I glanced through the camera lens again and noticed that Sadie was getting bored. She already had a walk, a nap and two meals by noon. It's a fast paced life being a bloodhound.

I thought I heard the sound of snoring ... sure enough, Stella had entered the dream state of her sleep. She was knocked out.

One thing that Heidi cannot stand ... flies. Whether they are inside or outside, she will never let them get away from bothering her. In her younger years, I've seen her nose dive after them trying to jam the fly with her nose up again the baseboard of the wall.

Sadie is trying to decide if she is really going to lay down in the yard. She never does that. Stella actually taught her now nice it was just to relax a couple of years ago. Still, Sadie is going to put some deep thought into her decision before she does something that drastic.

Ah, not quite 80° ... nice breeze from the southwest and a warm sun relaxing those muscles. Heidi is enjoying this.

Finally, Sadie does lay down but that doesn't mean she will sleep ... her nose still finds plenty of scent for her to think about while she lays there.

Once Stella woke up and sat up I knew all of us were about to go back inside ... sunbathing was going to be over soon. Once she gets too hot all she thinks about is air conditioning to sleep in ... and that's back inside.

Sadie acted as if she didn't want to leave.

But with her tongue starting to hang out she also knew it was getting pretty warm under that thick coat of hair.

Heidi was willing to do whatever we decided. She didn't care either way. I was going to leave her out there by herself, which she likes to do at times ... but when Sadie, Stella and I walked for the door ... here came Heidi.

That was it for their afternoon. They slept inside for the rest of the day and prepared themselves for Sunday Night baseball on ESPN.

One thing about the hound bred in case you have never had one ... 95% of the time, they do nothing but this. Both breeds are quiet yet curious. That curiosity is what keeps you on your toes as a hound owner, especially when they are puppies.

They loved their Sunday afternoon here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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